Thursday, May 19, 2011

Social Norms

Tyron James

    Norms are unwritten rules that the culture of a society goes by, like shoes going on one's feet or walking forward.  Two types of norms are folkways, which are standard customs that are socially approved , but not morally significant and mores, or norms of morality.

    Below shows what happens when a folkway is disrupted and when a more is not followed.

    The first video is a girl riding a shopping cart in a store. Now while this isn't against the law, it's still not normal.

    The next video shows an immoral disruption, flatulence.
                                                       A GAS

     When the girl was riding the shopping cart, one could say it wasn't serious.  But when someone passed gas in the other video during the meeting, it caused more a more comical reaction.

     The final result of these two unwritten rules being broken resulted in either being excused or publicly noticed.So if you want to keep out of the public eye, follow the rules.


  1. What you have said is true. Folkway or casual social controls will always exist in society. But deviation from social norms can tell you alot about a person.Being different doesn't always hurt.

  2. second video was hilarious.

  3. Who created norm and who can and can't say what the norm is everyone has a reailty of their own

  4. Daniel RicciardiMay 20, 2011 at 2:36 AM

    Funny stuff! That is so true though. Riding on a shopping cart isn't that serious, but it is looked at because it is not "normal". When people do things that aren't routine, people get thrown off. People tend to notice when something is different, but when it is routine, it's just part of the social norm, and the everyday life. Great videos!