Thursday, May 26, 2011

Does Status Matter?

By: Michael Rothenburger

People all over the world reside on varying levels of status, a prestige and class ranking based on ones level in society relative to another. I would believe that most people would prefer to be at the top of these rankings where honor and prestige is assumed and expected; unlike the lower ranking status, which is less desirable because of the negative associations that go along with it. But how much should your individual status, in relation to others, matter to your personal happiness?

There are two positions in which status is viewed; ascribed status, what we were born with and achieved status which is earned. Regardless of how you attain your status, the question is; why do you have one? In America, there is a passage in the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence that states, “…all men are created equal...” So, why is society still categorizing everyone into varying levels of rank, class and ultimately, status? Although, we may never know who started it or where it came from, the fact of the matter is, as a society, we judge one another.  And when you stop and really think about it, who are we to judge what level of status someone is in? Look at the following video.Do you buy in to Robert Bucci's philosophy? 

I believe Robert Bucci is selling happiness as much as his product; he equates great wealth with an easy, happy, and care free lifestyle. While I would admit, owning a yacht would be wonderful, I don't believe that simply owning one will make me happy. This video is a perfect example of the mindset that I believe to be detrimental to our culture. How society determines status depends on different factors: wealth, education, and level of career attained are some generally accepted benchmarks. However status is determined, the fact of the matter remains, attributing status in this manner is equivalent to judging someone’s life based on superficial things, what they have, verses who they are.  

Basically, all I’m saying is judging is inappropriate and status should be irrelevant in everyone else’s eyes but your own. Allowing others to judge and label you is an issue that can cause you to go to great lengths for something so meaningless, you might as well have a status bar elevation coupon tied to a stick and held out in front of you to get you going; just like what is happening to my donkey. 


  1. Deborah CrawfordMay 28, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    When it comes to students, their is a neen for social status to be happy. Some need it because it is what they feel is neccesary.

  2. I agree and disagree with this post. I agree staus matters, such as educational status. If someone has earned the right to be acknowledged as top Honor student, it isn't because they just got lucky,but because that person has worked very hard to earn that title. This type of status is admired and very inspirational and thus sets the bar for future students to succeed. I disagree when it comes down to a social level. I don't believe people should be judged based on who they hang around with or where they live , ect. I have met people from all walks of life,and have found that the ''socially awkward'',are more interesting then appearance would give them credit for.