Thursday, May 19, 2011

Modern Counter Culture

By Charles Conrad
I will start by saying that many of today’s social norms were once counter cultural or taboo. Many modern norms started out as hard fights against oppressive, demeaning, prejudices bearing many human casualties right here in our own country. Many of these norms we take for granted today as though their fights had been won long ago but almost none of them have been completely won & as soon as we become complacent that's when all the sacrifice is lost. For example, just last year sitting Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that the 14th amendment does not apply to women & that not only women but no minority actually shares equal protection under the law according to our constitution. If anyone thinks oppression of women doesn’t go on today think again. Women’s salaries as compared to mens have dropped considerably over the last several years for the same job as a man with equal education & qualifications. There are many conservative thinkers that feel a woman’s place is in the home. Just 100 years ago women in the United States could not vote, should not consider an education, & it was considered taboo for them to work. On top of that The Equal Rights Amendment has never been ratified so there is no "Equal Protection Under The Law" in the United States. Would a Woman President seem to "Counter" modern culture? There seems to be a whole Counter Culture built around slandering our black president whether he was the best man for the job or not. The fact is that Counter Cultures have many faces in modern society both Good & Evil depending on which side of the fight you're on & what we call common sense "Norms" never stand in the way.

(I'll remind ALL of you again. The Equal Rights Amendment was NEVER ratified.)

Time for some modern Counter Culture activity Suffragettes?
The fight isn't over yet!

The Sex Pistols pissed on their audience in opposition to authority & formalism.
And their Counter Culture crowd just LOVED it!

Sometimes oppressive & violent ideologies become Counter Cultures unto themselves.
(These people call themselves Christians.)

Less people have been murdered in the name of Satan than in the name of God. 

If marriage is between a man & a woman who can a transgender marry?
This Counter Culture says they can marry anyone they damn well please!

Legalize it!

This is what's happening around the world.

One thing is for certain, a Counter Culture by it's very nature will offend someone's sense of "The Norm".  The main ideal I wish to discuss is the Modern Peace Movement which isn't a whole lot different than it was during the Vietnam era. There is a Counter Culture movement today that is once again becoming main stream that believes the United States has been acting as an oppressive & ruthless empire against much of the rest of the world. That our foreign policy & our tyranny is directly responsible for what happened to us on 911 in New York City at the World Trade Centers. They believe that the violence & oppression we impose on other nations will insight further retaliation against our own nation. They believe our deceptive lending & foreclosure policies on poor nations followed by "Regime Change" & “Nation Building” around the globe is completely unconstitutional & has led to widespread hatred for the United States. This modern movement is making a play for the White House. 

"The reality is that our military presence on foreign soil is as offensive to the people that live there as armed Chinese troops would be if they were stationed in Texas. We would not stand for it here, but we have had a globe-straddling empire and a very intrusive foreign policy for decades that incites a lot of hatred and resentment toward us." – Ron Paul

Did you know Bechtel & the World Bank financed the Public Water Works in a city in Bolivia & then raised water rates by over 200%? According to their contract they not only owned the water in the system but the water in the streams, lakes, & rivers.. & even the water that fell from the sky? If you couldn't pay your water bill & tried to collect rain water to drink you would have been arrested. We wonder why our capitalistic "NORMS" are being COUNTERED ?!?!? Why our flags are being burned. Why other nations around the world want to destroy the US & our decadent culture?

The Modern Counter Culture 
Peace Movement Says,

"Stay out of the personal affairs of other nations.
Bring the Troops Home
Be nice to everyone OK?"

Modern Counter Culture.
It makes you think.


  1. How many lives were losted to give use a freedom that still dosen't allow people to live free we will lose many more live before we all distinguish ourselves superior measurable outcomes

  2. powerful videos and pictures. Really thought provoking...