Friday, May 27, 2011

Outsourcing of American Jobs: Good or Bad?

By: Emmanuel Kollie

People in America get so angry about losing their jobs. Some blame outsourcing because they think it is not fair to the citizen or the native born that don't have a job in their own country. people say outsourcing is not a good thing and this video make you believe it too. There are people in this country that believe that they need help, but they are not getting the help that they need, because company take their jobs and give it to the outsiders.

what is outsourcing? outsourcing is the taking of American jobs to another country. outsourcing also lets companies focus on other  jobs and businesses while having the details taken care of by outsider experts. outsourcing is a smart way that companies make more money, because it costs less to get the same work done. As we can see from this video, many of  our service jobs have been move to India. Many manufacturing jobs have  moved to China (Walmart).

is outsourcing a bad thing? outsourcing can be a bad thing because it affects working class jobs the most. people lose their houses, their families, and sometimes their communities die. outsourcing creates the racism practice, for example if you had a job that was paying you 10 dollars an hour, and then some one in India is willing to work for 9 dollars an hour, that make you mad and angry at Indians.Outsourcing can also cause products sold in America to be poor quality, example are toys and toothpaste from China.

Is outsourcing a good thing?  The  people who benefit are the owners of the company (stock holders) who get the work done cheaper, yet by still charging the same price, make more profits. We consumers benefit from cheaper goods and services.  Outsourcing also forces people to get a better education and also lets companies to focus on higher paying jobs. 

People say that outsourcing is bad for the country because the citizens lose their jobs, houses, communities and sometimes their families.  I think outsourcing is a part of the American dream because it is all about making money.  Outsourcing is a bad thing for people who live in America and a good thing for people who live outside America because I can feel the effects in my neighborhood.


  1. Outsourcing is wrong. As you said, you feel the effects of it in your community. Unfortunately, the billion dollar industries are permitted under law to outsource to keep their costs low. It is unfair to citizens in the U.S. who so desperately need these jobs. We also need to consider companies (meatpacking) who send buses and job advertisements accross the border to ship in cheap labor. Yes, its true. It is the right of companies to outsource but it is not the morally correct thing to do while Americans are suffering right here on our own soil. We need to elect officials who will regulate and/ or change these laws.

  2. you know Emmanuel outsourcing is a good thing and bad thing. In my point of view america can save lot of money also giving opportunity to other people to work for american company. American companies can get more experience people for less dollar in hour. Not only american companies save money, they will have a relationship with different companies in different areas.

    But this also have a negative side too. Once we hiring people from different country to work for us; people is USA loosing their job for this kind problems. Many loose their house because they do not have a job so they cannot afford their home. For example my cousin brother working in a software company in USA, he is working almost 5 years now working in U.S. He told me his company bring people from different countries to work for them for less money. Now he worried about his own job that when he will loose his job because of people work for company less amount of money.

    outside sourcing can hurt anyone who lives in america who looking for job. The Government must make a law to stop bring people to our country to work for our business. our job belongs "WE" not someone else...

  3. Mike RothenburgerMay 29, 2011 at 9:48 PM

    I agree with outsourcing being authorized to be a critical downfall to America’s economy. Unfortunately, in a free market society,Some capitalists are relocating their production facilities to poorer countries to maximize their profit. America has high imposing laws that protect its people and environment, which are expensive to companies compared to some of the laws in other countries. Outsourcing would reduce these costs and would increase the capital gained from cheap labor. Companies would decrease the salaries paid to their workers, import their products back to America, and sell them at the same price as if they were made here in America.

    Businesses can get away with such cheap labor because they happen outside America’s laws; in countries that have virtually no labor laws, low living conditions, and most likely, little or no environmental protection. Therefore, lowering costs for production and easy disposal of byproducts, which usually pollute rivers, lakes, and water supplies, as well as, destroying the environment, is an easy and cheap way to produce revenue for companies.

    I believe there is nothing wrong with purchasing imported goods if the goods are a better quality. I think there should be tariffs imposed on goods that were made from impoverished countries and that could help discourage companies from outsourcing. I suggest us all, as American citizens who are compelled to take action, stop buying imported goods if, and only if, buying American is not an option. That will eventually create jobs and families can keep food on the tables at home.

  4. Definitely it is a bad thing. Let say when people export jobs to other countries, the first thing they have to do is cut jobs from their own country. The second thing is that they have to export the technologies that are used to produce the products, expose them to their competitors.

    For example, iPhones are manufactured in china. Apple did not only send jobs there, they also showed Chinese the technologies. Chinese then used these technologies to produce replicas and clone products to compete with Apple themselves. If you are an American supporter, consider whether to purchase an iPhone or not.

    Finally, exporting jobs and technologies to other countries then import back products that should be manufactured inside the US for The US market is the way American kill their own country’s economy structure.

  5. Maybe I shouldn't comment on this post, but since I have to comment and I have a comment. I will comment. I think its kind of racist. That so many people have a problem with their jobs being taking away by foreigners. I understand everyone’s frustrations because yes, it isn’t fair that businesses are taken our jobs and shipping them across seas... but guess what, life isn’t fair. We all have to survive and provide for our families. So do people who live in other countries . Just because they weren’t born in America and may not live in America. They have the right to work too! So what if it means they have to obtain a American job. They have families to take care of too. You may have lost your job because another person is willing to work for less than you. So what! Also, who knows their situation, they could be worst off than you! More desperate for work. Its called business and these corporations have the right to run their company whichever and whatever way they wish. (as long as its legal). People need to learn how to stop taking things so personally. Especially when it comes to business. These corporate people don’t care about you! All they care about is their money. Just like you... all you care about is your money and how to make more money. So, I say stop crying, whining and complaining. Get up, dust yourself off and start being strong. Try to find a job where your not so expendable, and if you lose that job... for whatever reason. Don’t be mad accept that its called life and sometimes you get thrown curveballs. Its your job to get up and try again. Also, stop thinking your better than other people because your American, who cares! We all are people and in many ways we all are alike.

  6. I understand why most people think of outsourcing as a bad thing. Especially for higher income countries like the US, Europe, etc. Because of outsourcing, it reduces job opportunities in their countries and there are also some effect on their economy.
    However, I am not at all against outsourcing. Because it's a great business strategy. For business owners, it's not something personal but only a wise move for their company to grow.
    It is a big risk to take. Before entering the world of outsourcing, you should first study and read everything there is to know about it. It could only be effective and could only help you save company's money if you're doing it right. Otherwise, you should do your country a favor and not outsource.

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