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     Socialization is the process by which we learn from other interact wikth people of different cultures and learn how people think and do in their culture. You receive and get information when you socialize. It leads you to some friends that will be an eye opener in a field that you  are not aware of. Socialization is the process by wich children learn from their parents by learning what their parents do. Socialization begains at a very early age. During early stages of socialization we learn by observing how our parents and or family socialize with society.
     Gender Socialization In Liberia
In Liberia West  Africa, there are two traditional schools, the Sande and Poro Bush. In the Sande Bush girls learn how to take care of their husband, home, children, sing, dance, cook, and braid hair. This is also followed by female genital mutilation, usually a traditional ceremony. Elders argue the procedure is a rite of passage into womanhood. Preparing a girl for marriage, and curbing her sexual appetite and helping to socialize her, But medical studies reveal circumcision causes pain and trauma.

In the Poro Bush , boys learn how to hun, beat drums, dance, and how to be a good husband for their wife or wives. They also learn leadership.

My analysis supports my ideas that this culture is unfair to gender and the socialization of certain parties of society. For example, some kids would go to Sande School at a very young age and would then not remember the things they learned there. I am also opposed to female circumcision, it is cruel and unjust.
In conclusion, socialization of genders differ as we move from one culture to another. For instance, the United States as opposed to Liberia, such acts as circumcision would be met with severe punishments.

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  1. I agree with you, NOWU KELLER, that 'Socialization is the process by which children learn from their parents by learning what their parents do." Your example of division of society in Liberia shows to us how socialization can establish personality of person, who lives in this country, depending of his or her gender. Also I agree with you that the act circumcision of young girls is very cruel and unjust. But for Liberians it is a part of non-material culture. These norms and traditions that pass away with their roots in the past. Today many countries have different laws, norms, traditions, ideas, and beliefs. The norms that exist in one country could be strange to others. Therefore we have so many different cultures. I agree that violent old rules need to cancel, because we do not live in the ancient century, but in developed society. But these changes should be make by people who live there.
    In general your post is great, supported a picture. I would be include also the word "culture" to the "Labels" (key elements).