Monday, May 30, 2011


By: Diane Mitchell

Deviance is "a state or condition markedly different from the norm." Sometimes we wonder why people act in deviance, but there are many reasons why. I can say that most people have acted in deviance many times without even knowing. Breaking the norm sometimes are very normal and sometimes it's more severe than others.

In a prison there were men that tattooed the white of their eyes. One man said that "it was different and that's why he did it." He wanted to do something extremely different from what the rest of society did when it came to tattoos.
This two year old toddler from Indonesia smokes "two packs of cigarettes a day." In Indonesia there are many toddlers that smoke at that age and that's because the government didn't really educated them about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. In our society a two year old toddler shouldn't smoke anything. They shouldn't even know how to light a lighter. We all know that Toddlers should be playing with toys and just being active in activities that will prepare them for kindergarten. There are lots of people that act in deviance. On Halloween, believe it or not people are acting in deviance because we are dressed in costumes to be something we are not. Sometimes when people go out to clubs they may act in deviance by dancing way too wild and getting very drunk. If a person is gay, they are considered deviant.

As you see deviance is not only seen in violence, it's more than that. We all in some point of our lives deviated. Even if we was just playing around by doing crazy things to make people laugh or to get someone's attention. People can act in deviance in many ways. So just because you might see a person deviating does not always mean that the person is bad. We have to remember that everyone is different in their own way.


  1. January JeffersonMay 31, 2011 at 10:47 AM

    I believe that there are really deviant people out in the world. I also believe that each individual has the capability to do good and productive things. It just takes a little effort....

  2. Monique AndersonMay 31, 2011 at 4:03 PM

    Great Job Diane
    I was totally shock to see that in Indonesia children smoke as a parent, and watching my grandfather die from Lung Cancer .I would never want to see anyone smoke again in life if I could help it. As for the deviants I agree with you everyone in some part of their life has done a deviants act where it was intentional or unintentional.

  3. Lamberto Owono AbengMay 31, 2011 at 9:32 PM

    wow. you did a wonderful job making your post understandable. I was very interested in the Indonesia toddler who smoke two packs of cigarretes a day. since I did my research, I found a video of him smoking very heavily like an adult in YouTube.I can just say that YouTube is one of the reasons why people do deviance all the time. only because they just want to be famous and being on the news.

  4. Such a great post Diana, I believed you covered the topic of deivance well, defining both what deviance is and the great examples. As we learned in class today Deivance can be both good and bad, although often people mistake it only for an act of violence. Im glad you as well as Jamie covered this topic, it was until today that I noticed I too commited serval acts of deviance without knowing, rather it was talking loud in a quiet setting ot things that didnt fit the social context.In my opinion people commit acts of deviance to fit it or maybe break a social norm others just simply dont know. In conclusion I really enjoyed your post you did an excellent job explaning deviance and your views of it.

  5. Such an interesting and entertaining post. It is amazing what people will go through to be different from society just for the simple reason to be different. Also that toddler smoking in a way reminds me of my hometown; it is expected for children to start driving when they are tall enough to reach the pedals. Deviance is everywhere and I'm pretty sure everyone has done it.

  6. I would like to begin by saying that those are the two most amazing pictures I've ever seen in my life! As people we tend to look at deviance as something that's so horrific and that it can't be tolerated. In reality it's not all that bad. I completely agree that at some point in our lives we deviated at least once whether we've known it or not. You hit deviance where it hurts on this blog. Good job.

  7. Cool post. Sometimes people act deviant in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd, just like the guy in the picture with tattooed eyeballs. Also, I find the little boy smoking very shocking, but maybe where he's from it's normal. This shows that everyone has a different reality.

  8. This was a real informative passage because it explains the context and situation that Deviance occurs. It come down to people don’t understand a lot of things we do and observe in our everyday life is seen as being deviant. What may be considered wrong to you may be normal for others. However, this train of thought starts at home with the parents so, whatever you were told was wrong by somebody else will be wrong to you until you learn to think for yourself. Basically, make your own decision in life.

  9. That was an awsome post. They say you learn something new everyday, and the two year old toddler from Indonesia was something I definetly did not have any knowledge of. This post was defintely simpleto understand for anyone who had a hard time undersatnding what deviance meant.