Monday, May 23, 2011

Overtaken by Crime & Violence in a Hostile Society

By: Kandace Clark

No matter what time of day one decides to tune into a news broadcast, the vast majority of the segment will result in crime and violence. The reality of it all, is a widespread of lack of self-control and dignity. Where is the love? Crime has no level of decency. In other words, a crime is a crime whether it be murder, assault or stealing. The reason why crime has become an usual, or familiar action in even our very own neighborhoods, is a result of the greed and hostility many people are facing. Yes, we are living in trouble times, but people should not allow their actions to become apart of society's problem. Killing people, hurting people, and taking things are not the way to go about solving any  problem we may face.

Below is an link to an article with a video attached, explaining crime in it's physical abnormalities, psychological disorders,  and social and economic factors.

Here is a Video in where an artist is expressing how he feels about the society he lives in, and what he feels as though would better it.
As a final point, many  inocent people are  victims as a result of the violent crimes committed everyday. Innocent children, broken hearted family members, and a torn community are being overlooked not only by the media, but by the individuals who are committing these crimes. My point is, there is no reason for crime. Love avails much. Society would comence to be a much better place if people seen the actual reality of this necessity.


  1. Corey Brown

    .I do agree violence and crime doesn’t solve anything however, everybody’s not rich so therefore, there will always be crime and violence in low income communities. Some people may look for violence to feed their family because that’s all he or she is willing to put their effort into. If people would just try to change their negative mind-state into a much positive one, that would be the beginning of something good.

  2. I don't care about social class when talking about murder. My husband was murdered, I grew up in a group home where violence was always a part of life, but I do not use that as a crutch to go out and harm people, I wish it were as simple as love and people having a conscience...

  3. I agree with you 101% where is the love? everyone have a way of solving a situation but using violence is not the key. If we all have love for each other there be no hates or crimes etc. But I guest it is THE way of life. If there are no wrongs committed than there are no rights.

  4. Shanarra JohnsonMay 24, 2011 at 4:01 PM

    i have to agree with corey crime and violence will never solve anything but i have to disagree with him as well just because crime is common in low income communities does not mean its always gonna be that way.i believe that it can and will change but it takes more than us talking about change we have to make it happen.people shoudlnt turn to violence to feed their families the same effort they put into harming someone elses family they can put into fnd a safe and positive way to feed their family.people need grow up and take care of things in a responsible way and stop blaming it on being poor.

  5. Fatoumata NdiayeMay 26, 2011 at 3:39 PM

    I agree with you that people should not allow their actions to become part of society's problem. I don't think it's fair for anybody to show their greed and hostility to innocent people
    , but it's somehow true that the lower the social class, the more the individual is forced into criminality.

  6. This is so true, these days I sometimes think twice about turning the news on because is always a murder being reported or someone talking about being rubbed. Now it seems it does not matter what neighborhood you live in crime is all over these days.

  7. I argee with you as well. I wish people could understand that violence dose not sovle any problems you may have with each other. My great aunt was an innocent victim of murder. Someone came into her house killed my aunt, my cousin, and my cousin best friend and he didnt like my cousin over a girl so he decided to kill them all. All of these senseless act of Violence need to stop.

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