Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gender Roles and Sexism

By: Thu Le

Within our world history of every place and every culture, sexism of males are considered to dominate females. Their gender roles were very different from each other. Males had an instrumentality role where they work outside of their home, social and network. On the other side, females had an expressiveness role where they work inside of their home and structure the family communication and bonds.

Mulan is a Disney movie that reflects on a young brave girl who hides her female identity and turn herself into a male figure just so she can replace her injured father, a soldier, to save her country. In the picture you can see half her face as herself and the other half as a male figure. Even though the King was upset by her pretended male figure, he and everyone in the nation honored her for saving their nation.

Today, gender role and sexism is not strict as it was generations ago but it still exist today. Women are allow to join the military, men can be a home dad and so on. When you go to restaurants you can see the hostess are more likely to be women, mostly because people think it draws in customers. Also, dishwashers or heavy working jobs are usually by males. Importantly, our relationship between males and females has a better bond and changed increasingly throughout time!

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  1. Thats surpising to me, when I see women working in the back in the kitchen and see men working the front. Its really wierd and I see it at alot of different restaurants. even as far as working in clothing stores..