Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1-800-Can I Talk to an American Please?

By: Amy Smith

     When Americans make a phone call to companies that affect their everyday lives, like Wachovia Bank or Apple, the person that answers the phone is not a fellow American. American corporations and businesses have been shipping American jobs across seas to India for the past two decades. India has a lower cost of living; therefore companies can give a lower salary for the same job that an American could perform. This system of outsourcing allows the rich to get richer and the middle/lower class to become unemployed in America.
     The following link provides a list of American companies that CNN discovered to have
outsourced American jobs:

     As shown in the video above, the Indian who answers the phone call has gone through training to be able to speak in understandable dialects of the English language. An alias is established for each worker so that the American caller is under the impression that they are speaking to another American. This tactic is not successful, since Americans know about the outsourcing of call centers. Many Americans develop resentment towards the people answering the phone calls once they detect the accent. Rather than aggravating the already overworked and underpaid Indian receptionist, the caller should ask, “Can I speak to an American Please?”. I have learned from experience with multiple companies, such as Dell and Bank of America, that they are more than willing to transfer your call back to America. If everyone would have their calls transferred to an American call center, more jobs would become available here in the States, resulting in less outsourced positions.
     Americans need to realize that they should be mad at the government for providing tax breaks to these outsourcing corporations and mad at the CEO’s that make extra for their pockets; not the Indians who take a job that pays their bills. By boycotting talking to foreigners and lobbing politicians to change outsourcing policy, Americans can dial a 1-800 number and talk to someone who knows the culture and language, since the receiver also lives it.


  1. Aleshia SatterthwaiteNovember 2, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    I find it frustrating when I speak to a customer service representative who can barely understand me and I can hardly understand them. For example, I have a computer problem, I call a 1-800 number for assistants and get I person who cannot understand my question because of a language barrier. I do not think outsourcing is smart because the customer becomes frustrated with the help center and the customer service rep will waste company money trying to translate the English language. Most people who call help centers do not want to hours on the phone. With the holiday around the corner, many people will be purchasing products from an English speaking sales person, who will promise that help is a phone call away. However when they get home and need help with the product they will be surprised how complicated the help center will be.

  2. Iagree. Their is a major problem with outsourcing American jobs to other cournties. This makes the unemployment rate rise here in the United States. This is a prime example of the rich getting even richer and the poor getting even poorer. The question now is will we stand up to these major corporations?

  3. I also agree with this post. I think that outsourcing is just another way of saying that the companies are being greedy. They already have enough money. They don't realize that the companies that are being outsourced, the employees have lives too, they have families that they need to support. If there is only one person working in the household then that is a huge problem if that company gets outsourced. I think that it's ridiculous that outsourcing even exists in America.