Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Public School Education by Kardia Rowe

            While browsing through a web site call This week in education, I came upon this cartoon. It catches my attention because of what is said on it, “The end of public education is near”. This is saying that the kids who are in public schools will now be going to another school that is not public. everyone is just giving up on the public school system when it’s not the school itself, it’s the kids that are in the school who don’t have any respect and don’t want to get an education. Even if they do want an education, there are others who are trying to mess it up for them. Over the past couple of years graduation rate in public schools has risen around the nation but let’s take one city for example. In Philadelphia, it has been raised to more than 60% over the past 6 years.

            At the bottom of the cartoon, it says “would that be such a bad thing?” the thing that some people need to get is that it would be a bad thing for low income parents. Parents don’t just send their child to public school because they want to some parents send them because they can’t a better education for their child. Another thing is that most of the good teachers are put in some of the best schools, while there are teachers who don’t want to teacher are left in public school, so the students don’t want to learn anything.

In conclusion, at the end of the day, public education is what most parents have to rely on, especially when there is no other chose. Every child had heard the key phrase, “Education is the key to success”. No matter what they want to be in life but sometimes it’s not just the parents that needs to push them, they also needs help from the teachers,


  1. I agree with the statement that it is not the public school that is the problem, it is the children that attend the schools. If teachers that are considered better than other teachers are placed in different areas of public schools or private schools, that would mean students who live in urban areas are at a disadvantage. I would say it is the system that needs to be fixed, because if you live in a certain neighborhood you have to attend school within that area unless your parents can afford private school.

    We need stronger board of directors for our education system and better rules in our public to prevent students who are not willing to learn to keep others behind.Both parents and teachers along with head of PTA, STUDENTS COUNCILS and other members who serve on the school board to come up with better ideas to ensure no child left behind no matter what school or neighborhood you live in.

    There are students that are really behind in education, but programs can be implemented to get these children help such as saturday class. Parent can ask to pay a fee of $10 per child to attend without it costing the government and that would be for the teacher who taught those classes, from 8am until noon.

  2. I somewhat agree to Kardias post. I like to say I truly value education and it is a very important part of my life. I did have to attend a very horrible public middle school. It was filled with disrespectful, cursing. fighting, racist students. The day I went to high school I was so happy because I attended a magnet school of the students whose acceptance was based on their academic achievements and standardized tests in middle school. The school was such a change for me and even though the social and extra-curricular aspects of school should not be as important as the academics, it can ultimately change or deter the education. This makes it a game of chance, when your child may or may not be swayed to conform to a good student or a misbehave
    and forget school. The only things we can do really is move to another school district or go to private school...

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  4. Great Blog...however I don't fully agree with everything you've written. Yes the behavior that children exhibit in public school or in any other school determines wether or not the school is labeled "good" or "bad", however these children are products of their environments and the environment they are exposed to has everything to do with his or hers upbringing i.e parents and or guardians. It should not be the job of any teacher to discipline your child you are the parent and it starts with you
    Your point on the significance of Public School for poverty stricken individuals or for those who aren't in the position to send there children to a better school is so true. Getting rid of public schools will only cost more division and lack of educated people in our communities, because the lack of funds parents will have in order to make this happen.
    In conclusion what isn't being realized here is those same children mention above who will are products of their environments will eventually need some where to go and there anger and irrational behavior will eventually cost more problems than just keeping public schools. 

    November 29, 2011 8:53 AM