Friday, November 11, 2011

Did it break?

By Anna Petrovsky 

         A female: expected to play with dolls as a child, wear make-up and dress girly in the early life (teenager), and as she becomes older be the main caretaker of the household.
A male: expected to play with trucks and soldiers as a child, dress like a boy and play manly sports, and when hitting the adult hood work to support his family.

Shouldn’t sex define the whole female or male objective? We all know with what body parts we are born with, so why do we have to be categorized into a gender.  Is there really a right and wrong way of doing gender?
 When people see a female or male they expect for them to be dressed in their own clothing (male= suit, female=feminine clothing). What will people start to think if they see someone breaking the norm of the gender code (a male in make-up, a female with sweats on)?

Someone will get the mixed messages because it all seems wrong.
This isn’t a way to define someone’s gender.  Gender is based on a person’s behavior, or look on life. If you have a girl raised by male, and a boy raised by female; what are the chances that it won’t affect their thinking. The girl could come out to be more tough and rugged, as for the boy he could be gentler.
Is this really a mores, the girl grew up with male figures and they only know one aspect, same goes for the boy.
Just because society for many generations has categorized the males and the females, does it mean we really have to be that way?
I don’t see nothing wrong with being a female and wanting to do other things then clean or play with some dolls.
What is gender? Define it as you define yourself. 


  1. Very Interesting Blog, I also agree that your sex should make the gender and not the things that you do. But i do think that there is a limit. for instance I would not like to see a man with hairy leggs walking down the street with a mini skirt or and some red heels. It is very unattractive and it would also be grose.

  2. I so agree I do think people should be able to define theirselves as a person but no matter what people still are going to judge America has been to set in it's ways.

  3. If many people in society did not behave different from their gender role, than many people would have not been given as many opputunites in life. For example, now women are allowed to fight in the army. I am sure that they had to show alot of aggression just to be apart of the group.Doing this has changed history.

  4. I agree that you shouldn't be defined by your sex. Personaly, I'm normally really girl i like to cook, do my hair and make-up, and play with children. However, i like to sit around in sweats and watch sports with my dad or my boyfriend. Most guys are shocked when I can have a full knowledgable conversation about the sports world.

  5. I kind of agree and disagree!
    I agree simply because as a child yes physically I was a girl, raised in a single parent home with my mom of course, however I enjoyed doing all the things the boys were doing like playing sports, hanging around them, wearing sneakers and jeans oppose to shoes and dresses but that didnt mean I wasnt what I appeared to be which was a girl!
    Now, I disagree because not being judgemental but if we do have men/woman who likes to have the appearance of the opposite sex and some may pass for the opposite due to their physical look thats fine.
    I feel that everyone should be identified as male or female regardless of physical appearance

  6. I agree that sex should be the determinant of gender. So many people nowadays don't want to be associated to as a girl or a boy because everyone can be who they want to be and not just what the society asks them to be. I basically grew up among men and when i was younger i play soccer with my brother and male cousins but that doesn't mean I ignore my feminine side too i feel i can be anyone i want to be. I can choose to sit down and watch soccer with the guys and i can decide to go out with the girls but that doesn't mean i don't know my sex