Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Lil Something Called SEX =)

By Charnay Wilson
Sex is something that is supposed to happen. Although sex is considered “natural” there is a right way, and a wrong way. God created man and woman so that they can populate the earth. Sex is something that is supposed to be sacred, but with the help of the media and the lack of sex education from the parents and schools, sex is something that can kill you. Sex is everywhere, TV, radio, movies, and even in books. Everything that children have free access to contains sex.
Today children are exposed to many things that they shouldn’t be exposed to. Especially in the urban community, and low income families. Personally I blame the parents. Children only see and do what their parents allow them to do. Even if the child sneak and do something that they know that they shouldn’t, at least they have enough respect and common sense and not let their parents or other grownups find out.  
Today children are growing up with the wrong idea about sex. They believe that is just all about fun, they really don’t understand the negative effects that come with sex. That’s why there is a high rate of STD‘s and STI‘s among teens and young adults. They are not informed on how to protect themselves. It’s sad because there are young men and women out here with HIV, and there are some women as young as 13 who are having children and will never have a real chance to enjoy their childhood. There should be more programs available to teach young people the dos and don’ts. It is a shame that these children are losing their lives and their childhood all because of something called SEX.  


  1. i must say that i agree. most teens or kids are not exposed to the responsbility or consequence of having sex. most teens that are have sex think that it is a all fun and games to be a teen parent, or don't believe that they could be at risk to catch an STD. they need to be made aware of what's really the out come. if they are not educated on it, then how can we expect them to know any better.

  2. I must say that videos and tv has alot to do with sex. Most commercials an advertisments are related to sex. It starts out as dancing to grinding. Most parties that teens have also influence sex and their is nobody to teach these teens about having safe sex, so they mock what they see and learn.

  3. yeah i agree because most kids are influenced greatly by what they see and all tv music videos has in them is money cars and half naked women. where is the education on sex? not in school its up to the parents at this point in time they are the main ones who can make a difference

  4. I can relate to this topic one hundred percent. Somehow over time sex has become vulgar,obscene, and publicized. Since when did dancing consist of a woman gyrating against a random man's groin?According to my fifty year old mother, as a child married couples would sleep in seperate beds on tv.Now, I can't watch an animated disney movie without seeing a prince and princess share an enduring kiss that can be inappropiate for a three year old to witness!Even commercials can be risque'; advertising jeans suddenly consist of taking them off, sneakers commercials contain women wearing panties to show the effect the sneakers have on the tush rather than our feet. I assume thinking outside the box includes, thinking outsode of our clothes as well

  5. Erich B. CoppersmithDecember 5, 2011 at 6:58 PM

    There definately is a disconnect between the many nuances of sexuality and everyday life.

    I think a lot of the problem in this country and around the world is the attitude that sex is somehow dirty or shouldn't be discussed.This is where all the problems begin.

    Unfortunately religious institutions have had much to do with the demonization of sexuality. Historically churches and the clergy have exerted enormous control over what people can and can not do in their own bedrooms. Frankly this is none of their business.What you choose to do and how you choose to educate your children is not just your right but a responsibility.
    Teenage pregnancy could be virtually eliminated through education and proper child rearing. Too many children have little to no guidance regarding this matter. They are often left to find things out on their own... we know the results this brings.
    Every parent knows that the more you tell children NOT to do something , the more they want to do it, ESPECIALLY if it feels really good.
    And as with most things in the great old USA there is always a dollar to be made. So it a perfect storm of conditions to manipulate the average American in the name of profit. Tell people sex is dirty and not to be mentioned and make sure you pound it into their heads as early as possible. Then use sex to sell everything from cars to cleaning products and beyond. No one is immune to the lure of sex because it is in our biology to procreate in order to survive. That is why is use in marketing is so sinister. We are being manipulated with our own natural desires.

    Don't believe the hype about sex. Yeah it's great, but it's not worth risking your life and your future. Educate yourself and your children about it's pro's and con's and be honest. Education and knowledge beats out propaganda and manipulation every time.