Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shooting For The Stars

The crime in Philadelphia needs to stop the police brutality and the homicides.There have been 302 homicides in Philadelphia this year already surpassing last years mark of 282 and there is still a month left in 2011. All of the stop the violence campaigns and the "Put It Down" campaigns seem to be going unheard in the streets. Something more needs to be done. There is youth killing other youth over the dumbest things some things that were solved by a simple fist fight back in the day have now turned into an automatic call for a shootout. This is partially the medias fight but about 90% is due to the environment that the kids grow up in.if you grow up seeing people getting killed, hearing shootouts and seeing people wave guns at every person they have a problem with your mindset will more than likely point you in that direction.

All these campaigns are focusing on getting guns off the streets when in actuality guns are not the problem. People are the problem. have you ever seen a gun walk up and kill someone? NO! There has always been guns on the streets that hasn't changed the mindset of the people has changed. If you want to make a solid difference you need to get to the people that have the mindset of "I'm going to kill everyone that looks at me wrong" and try to see why they think that way. Lives are way to precious to be taken away at the hands of an idiot with a gun over the smallest things like money, someone mouthing off or even someone talking to a certain female or male. It's all about the mind set of the people some people just flat out don't care but some just are pressured into committing a homicide or some feel forced into it.

No matter how you look t it guns are and will be a problem for years to come until you can sit down and get within the minds of these people and change their views. Education is the number one key some people feel trapped in poverty therefore they will do what they have to do to live even if that means taking another persons life. If i was president i'd do 3 things and i guarantee you'd see a decrease in homicides 1) lower the cost of things slightly 2) create more jobs and 3) make higher education more affordable. these 3 things would get people off the streets, working, learning and make things more affordable. Hopefully one day someone will see things my way and make a change but until that day i can only pray that i'll live to see tomorrow. 

-Aaron Johnson

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