Saturday, November 5, 2011


By: Jaime Green

Ethnicity is a group of people whose members identify with each other through a common heritage, language, culture and most times, religion that stresses their common ancestry.

My blog is about ethnicity, which in my sociology class I'm learning, there are quite a few worldwide. Some ethnicities are obvious just by looking at a person, and some are not so obvious. When people think about ethnicity we tend to go with the obvious (i.e. skin color, the shape of one's face or eyes, hair texture) but the more I learn in class, the more I'm starting to NOT be so quick to form a personal opinion.
I used to think when I saw a black person with light eyes or even light skin, they had to be mixed with something.

An African American baby with blue eyes
 But upon some research and a little of broadening my perceptions, I'm realizing that its not true. I used to think that all people who, just by appearances, looked Hispanic, was Hispanic, but after talking to them, was told that they are in fact, not Hispanic. As much as I hate to admit it, I also thought that all white people were simply white. I never even bothered to take the time to consider what "white" was. I was just going by their skin color never taking into consideration that they could be German, Jewish or even Italian. Ignorance also plays a role in our perception of how we view different ethnicities!! Depending on what we have been taught and the things we have decided to hold onto through adult-hood will also mold and shape our perceptions of others based their ethnic backgrounds!

In closing, thanks to sociology I've humbled myself to accept AND acknowledge races of all kinds. I'm learning to not be so quick to judge people outside of my comfortable "race"! We are all created the same and we definitely bleed and basically die the same. We ALL live here on planet earth and are existing together as a human race. Everyone accepting one's race without bias would be spectacular in a perfect world, but just opening YOUR eyes with acceptance the next time you see a person with a different ethnic background, will suffice for now because hey, we all have to start somewhere, why not start with yourself!!!!!


  1. There are a lot of people that walk around and think the same way, and I admit, i was one of those person. Every time I would see an African-American baby with gray or blue eyes I always thought they were mixed. After being in this class for the last couple of months, You really start to see everything different.

  2. i argee, because when i was younger i used to say i was a little white irish girl because i didnt know i was adotpted and once i said that i would get the werid looks and get told that i was wrong. I agree that people shouldn't base their thoughts on just what they see with their eyes and maybe try to see from a different point of view. It shouldn't matter what color skin you are or what group you associate yourself with. Once our society realizes that it doesn't matter of what ethnicity you are the judgement will stop.

  3. i agree with you. growing up people always assumed i was mixed or not all puerto rican, Because of the way i talk, and how fare my skin is. i always got called the "white girl" in my high school. It never offended me, but it did upset me that i was not getting notice for who i truly was.just like the old saying never judge a book by it's cover.