Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 By: Diomassi Sissoko
Globalization is helping people to have better lives. According to our Sociology Essentials book, globalization means increased economic, political, and social interconnectedness and interdependence among societies in the world. Like many other things in world, globalization has positive and negative effects in the world.

One positive effect of globalization is culture. People around the world know now the cultures of other countries that they have never being before. People around the entire world know about the United States of America without being in USA. They listen to American musics, watch American movies and wear the same cloths as Americans.

Another positive effect of globalization is business. Because of globalization, China and India are becoming more developed, industrialized countries in world. Many people are moving their companies to those countries because labor is cheap.

One negative effect of globalization is unemployment in some rich countries like the United States.
Like you can see in this video, one cause of high rate of unemployment in USA is due to globalization. American companies are taking jobs from their country and give them to other countries.

In conclusion, globalization is helping many people and destroying some countries` economy. I think that globalization is good because it has more positive effects than negative effects on people.

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