Wednesday, November 2, 2011


By Jonathan Lopez

          What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is when a company finds a provider or manufacturer somewhere else in the world  that would cost less to hire and then firing the old workers that cost much more to hire. Therefore giving  jobs to other people besides your country. This happens every day to American companies. Companies can afford to pay the works more money so they go over sea's where the cost of paying someone is less. Why pay someone more money to do the same work that someone else can do for much cheaper. But isn't this good for the companies right? For them yes, but for the people that lost their jobs no. Sure it's good for other people on the other side of the world to get work too, but if this keep on happening then every job would be sent over sea's leaving millions of people out of work.

          One of the biggest places jobs are being sent to are china and India. These places are blooming with jobs because the people that live in these place can't find work because they are so over populated and  are willing to work for much less in able to help support their family. Companies like Nike, Apple, Microsoft, and Forever 21 are all American companies that outsource their jobs to other non-American people.

          How would one stop this from happening? Well we can put a tax on companies that outsource where the tax would be enough that is would be cheaper to make in America, and therefore they would want to move back to America. The next one people are going to hate me for this, but is to try to put restrictions on labor unions. I am not saying that all labor unions are bad but when people ask for more money consistently and the companies don't have no money to give what do you think the companies is going to consider. One rise prices on product to enable one  to get more money,  and they might lost consumers. Or two, move to another country where it's cheaper and they don't have to rise prices and not lose consumers.  

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