Thursday, November 3, 2011

Has our society become more dependant on McDonaldization ?

By Johnnylee Benitez

     McDonaldization refers to the increasing and ubiquitous presence of the fast-food model in most organizations that shape daily life. (pg.144.) McDonaldization had started in fast food places, by making soda machines, frying machines, easier assembly lines, drive thru, and the menu computer screens. From there on it has escalated through other companies such as WaWa. This makes businesses run faster, longer, and more efficient. Today many people are being replaced by these machines that our society use. It seems that the society depends more on technology then it's own people.  In the text book, it states that George Ritzer "identifies four dimensions of the McDonalization process : efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control." (pg 144.)

   I agree that McDonaldization has helped our society into organizing how our food industries run business. But has our society become fully dependant?, i do think so. For an example, in WaWa they have the computer screens to help you order and make your own hoagies. What happens if you happen to step into one WaWa store that doesn't have one? For those who are used to the computer screen can they order their food and think that it would still be the same sandwich? In some cases yes, and in some cases people might think different. Also these computer screens have helped those who are making the food, it's harder to mess up an order, because the order in in front of your face. McDonaldization has improved how we eat and how ordering food is going to become easier and faster for our future.

McDonaldization had truly improved our society and yes our society has become dependent on it. But even with this one new upgrade to our food industries will this change how our food is processed later on down the line?


  1. Yes I myself like the upgrade in our society with technology and it does make our society better to me. But what about the people who do not like change what they do with our new technology. For example cellphones today are so advance to I don't like them because to much to do and i just like my older phone less problems, like the screen freezing up, when you drop it sometimes automatically the screen cracks in twenty different places. In some ways it's good and in other is just a waste of metal.

  2. I think in some ways this technology has helped society but in other ways it hasn't. Another example would be self check out at different stores. This is taking away more jobs. At my local cvs they installed 4 self check outs. That is 4 less cashiers that they need to employ. i also think it cuts back on social interaction between people. You can be in and out of a store without talking to anybody else. Overall, technology is useful but i think people rely on it too much.

  3. I agree with what you had to say, our lives are depending on machines and technology let alone. More places are rather adding or thinking of new ways for the place to run more faster,easier, and smoothly. This sets a bad situation for some people who are loosing their jobs everyday. We really do become more dependent on this, as we become more busier with our daily lives, and it becomes harder for all to take a step back from it.

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