Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Color Blind

By: Dudlene Jean Pierre

Growing up racism was something I really didn't understand because I was always taught to treat people with kindness and respect. When I think about racism I see slavery, civil rights movement,  the kkk, and many more. When I list all of these things I feel pain because a lot of people have dead and suffered through those trying times. In my sociology class we spoke about  the invisible ways that racism plays out. Even though we as nation have come very far but racism still does exist and a lot of work still needs to be done. It’s sad that Whites, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics can not be equal. I read an article called “The Mark of a Criminal Record” (Patricia and Peter Alder 2007) , in this article it showed that white males with criminal background got more phones calls for a job    then a black male without a criminal background. How sad is that???  We live in a society where it shows that everyone is equal but the truth is that we are not equal.  What’s the difference between a criminal and a non criminal? Why should it be based on the color of a persons skin? . I would love to live in a world where racism didn't exist but the reality is that it dose exist ! Changing the way we think and feel about one another has to start with ourselves.


  1. Totally agree,i wish citizen today would looked beyond the colour of our skin or hair texture, and gender to help determines how people should be treated. Today we have come a long way dispite the way our black ancestors had been through but regardless i say to our people we are one, no matter your skin colour and we must be united. Remember we did not choose the family we are born of or the color of our skin or anyone else so treat everyone the way you would wanted to be treated.

  2. I totally agree with you, racism has been going on for awhile even today. Our country didn't fight for so long so that we can continue doing what others did before (i.e mistreating others that are not our kind). No matter if some like it or not we all been placed on this earth to live among one another, so why cause fighting and teasing. People shouldn't be treated because of their looks, but because of the things they do and how they act. We are all different and deserve equal treatment.