Monday, June 20, 2011


By: Sumayya Naeem

             Anthrozoology is the study of human-animal interaction and its importance in society. Our society does not only consist of different groups of people and interaction between them, but also the animals as wild, zoo, farm and companion (pet). They can have an overwhelming presence in our collective and individual lives. Sociologists had neglected the study of human-animal interaction and the role of animals in society, despite the fact that animals are an integral part of our lives.

             Human-animal interaction has knowledgeable  physiological effects. For example, people in the contact with animals experience a decrease in blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and a general feeling of well being. Also animals perform many helpful deeds such as, dogs, cats and even monkeys are being used to assist those with disabilities. Similarly, horses, bulls and camels are helping in the field of agriculture for ancient times.

            Our attitudes about nonhuman animals are hesitant and contradictory. Some species of animals we treat as children such as dogs or cats and some we eat like chicken, cows, goats, etc. In different cultures, the patterns to treat animals are different. For example, in China, dogs are hamburgers, but in India, cows are sacred.  

             Animals are not only part of our lives as our companion, food or religion, but also predominate in television programs, cartoons, and films, especially those produced for younger children. The entire media and entertainment structure of the Walt Disney Corporation arose from animated caricature of mice and won the hearts of its young and adult viewers with a variety of comic, tragic, and heroic animal characterizations. Real animals occupy an equally prominent position in the child's world as animated one and play an important role in his/her mental construction. Thus animals are important part of our society and from observing and interacting with animals and nature, learning things and acquiring skills become easier because consciously or unconsciously, it put impact on our lives.

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