Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Education: Does Schooling Really Matter?

By: Monique Brockington From a person's early childhood days of elementary school, the most popular question that your teacher asked was, "What do you want to be when you grow up?". Of course we gave the most common answers such as a dotor, a lawyer, a teacher, a nurse, a fire fighter, a policeman/policewoman, president,or like mommy and daddy. We were also taught by our parents & teachers that if you stay in school, do well & go to college, you could be whatever it is you want to be. With hard work & persistance anything is possible. As children some of us were taught the importance of a good education, to think of schooling as your financial ladder towards your future. Who you are or turn out to be in life based on your social status will be achieved through your education & occupation.
I believe that schooling matters when you consider the financial aspect of it, there's a difference in pay depending on the occupation you choose and the degree level you pursue.If you can finish school and get a degree, it shows that you can commit to something and see it through but if you drop out before you get anywhere, it just proves to an employer that you might not cut it. The schools that you attend plays a huge role in that, for example, public schools vs. private schools. The opportunities are offered if not handed to you with private schools, but when it comes to public schools, you have to make your own way, put in your own foot work to create your success in life.
Another factor that plays a role in which schools are best to go to is the teachers experience. Picking a good school occurs way before you attend a college. You have good teachers who actually teach you how to apply what you learn and have a decent life, and then there's the mediocre teachers who could care less rather you learned something or not.....only thing that matters is that they get paid their check for doin absolutely nothing. So to answer the question, yes schooling matters to a certain extent but it doesn't define a person's success in life.

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