Sunday, June 26, 2011

There is No Such Thing as Good Hair

Kachina Pindell
"She got that good hair"....What is good hair? This is a question that I have often asked myself.  I have heard friends, hair dressers, and classmates say this all throughout my life. It seems like a phrase I can't get away from. Unfortunately, this is a phrase I often hear amongst black women. For black women, good hair is hair that one can comb through easily. "Good hair" is straight, long and can be managed without any strenuous activity. It is also something many black women believe they dont possess. This mentality is something that comes from what is portrayed in society and on television. We are constantly bombarded with hair advertisements that are pushing relaxers that make hair straight and more manageable. Chris Rock released a movie called "Good Hair" that gets a first hand account on what black women say about hair while in the salon as well as the standards they live by to maintain "good hair".

This movie Chris Rock has put together is a good message to send to society. He asks women about why they want to acheive "good hair" and even shows viewers how bad relaxers and perms are for one's hair and scalp. This trailer also shows Chris Rock trying to sell "black hair" that can be used as wigs and extensions. Many people frowned and made faces at him because this type of hair is undesireable to them. No one was interested in purchasing it. This shows how society is caught up in the idea of "good hair" being straight and long.
When I was younger, I used to get relaxers consistently to control my hair. When I turned 16, I saw my natural hair growing in and I liked the curls and waves I saw coming in. I decided to grow it out. Many people disagreed with this idea but I deviated from that belief I have known all my life. Now at the age of 20, I have managed it just fine without a perm. I want the world to know that even if someone's hair is shorter, darker or not as easy to manage, that does not make it bad and it is not something that is only found amongst black people. That is a terrible stereotype that has been propelled throughout society. I have seen people of many different ethicities with many different textures and I have learned that all hair is beautiful. I also want people to understand that I dont think there is anything wrong with experimenting and trying different styles. There is nothing wrong with having straight hair. I want everyone who reads this blog to understand that no matter how difficult it is to maintain specific textures, no one should ever feel like they should change the structure of the hair they were born with to satisfy society. Take pride in your texture ladies and learn how to work it!

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  1. I really agree with what you had to say. The best head of hair anybody could have is the one they are born with. For example; when I was younger I had long and curly hair, but like an idiot decided to cut it all off and keep damaging it everyday. So your so right if you have hair that may not be perfect at first don't go try and change it, but do something different with your hair. It's fine to experment with your hair once or twice a year to have a change, but don't make it a habit or you will be beating yourself about it later.