Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Want To Be Made Into A Cover Girl

By: Ashakia Macklin
5"5 brown eyes is usually the saying you hear when people describe the "perfect “girl. Or how about the hundreds of magazine covers, ads and commercials you see with the "perfect “girl on the cover. She usually very slim, blue eyes and long blonde hair. Not to discriminate against models but when the last time you seen a girl like the ones pictured on the ads walking around in society. Truth is there are not many. Companies edited the pictures to sell their product while main stream America is trying to be just like that girl. In today’s society they have so many products and infomercials to help you be that "perfect" girl. Stores are packed with products like anti-aging cream to help keep the body young. Infomercials are on all times of the day trying to sell products that will "guarantee" a new slim body for you. Did you ever stop to think who does this affect, who reads these magazines? The answer is Main stream America teens! Teens are  heavily impacted by the media and what they see. So if that all they see that who they want to be like. Media creates controversy in a teen life. White girl sometime affected more by what they see in the magazines oppose to minorities. They [ white girls] want the skinny legs with the flat stomach or that  rich healthy hair like their favorite pop star. Black girls on the other hand say they are not affected as easy, they don’t really care about the girls in the magazines because their not them. To get a better understanding how  easily media influences the youth I took a two minute walk around the mall. Within a minute a found an ad advertising people to come get their eyebrows done because "looking your best is for everyone". Is this ad suggesting you must look your best to impress everyone ? It could be easily interrupted that way.  A ad in Victoria Secret show cased a brown hair , blue eyes, slim models suggesting five ways to make a girl feel "incredible". So you mean to tell me if I do all the things on this ad I too can look and feel like this girl? These are the questions I was left with after taking my walk. To sum my post up I just wanted to point out how although the media can not tell us what to think , they have a heavy impact on our everyday life                                                                                                  .


  1. I agree with you 100% even though I don't care what people think about me I do care about my apperance. Like I wouldn't take it to extreme like not eating, but I do little things like go to the gym and I get my hair and nail done and I get my eyebrows done. But I bascially do it for me. But my little sister on the hand will workout after like every meal because she says she want to keep her model figure. It's all dumb to me because them same girl looking in them mazagines have to know it's not real and that they are the real deal.

  2. I work at Victoria's Secret. We make it our goal to make EVERY WOMAN feel beautiful whether short, tall, black, white, young & old. In the picture shown the add says -"Now five ways to be incredible" It NEVER SAYS that you will look like Adriana Lima. Of course if someone was truly bothered at the picture I would say to them to get in the gym 5 days a week like her and to eat healthy. And of course people have to understand that the picture is in fact slightly air brushed. I'm being honest with you when I tell you that Victoria's Secret, no matter how vain the company may SEEM, makes it a priority to make EVERY woman within the bra sizes between 30AA0-40DD feel beautiful and the best that they can be. =) Just saying