Monday, June 27, 2011

 Teen violence in Philadelphia public school

By: Jameelah White

The violence in pubic school is ridiculous. Thomas Edison high school had a report of 117 violent incidents, including 80 assaults 26 weapon possessions, in the 2009-2010 school year. Edison stands out as one of the district’s 19 “persistently dangerous” schools in Philadelphia on the list. Schools that are in poor and high crime neighborhoods are mainly on the list, they can not break free because the size of enrollment increases the probability that 20 students will be arrested a year for violent acts.

The superintendent has vowed to get Philadelphia off the list within two years. He declared the situation as an emergency. He wants to install more cameras, improve schools climate and student monitoring programs. They want to improve the safety of the student. The state Department of Education, which is supposed to monitor the plans, has traditionally had "a hands-off policy toward the Philadelphia School District”.

They treat these kids as criminals because of where they come. Just because they come from poor communities that doesn’t mean they don’t want better. If they treat the kids like they are worth something then the kids would maybe start to act like it. There are some bad seeds but it cant be that many in my opinion. Some kids do come to school and are ready to learn. If they would take the energy from treating them like criminals and put it towards encouraging them, they could become better students.

The media sometimes encourages these girl fights. Television shows sometimes display girls fighting over stupid things like a boy. They show these girls fighting as entertainment but it may really affect these young girls life. Some of them will think it is okay to go around yelling, fighting and acting all crazy. The bad girls club shows so many fights that’s it’s ridiculous. These girls jus be yelling, fighting and partying all day long. instead of showing young women act like this they should be showing the how to act like ladies. It is un-lady-like to be acting all wild, always cussing and wanting to fight.


  1. Teen violence is now happening everywhere around the world, especially with girls. It is unbelievable when seeing girls involve into fighting more and more over the time. A long time ago when I was in junior high, I witnessed a fight between two girls, it ended very quickly because someone separated them right the way, no big deal then. But now I see a lot of girl fighting on news and video clips on YouTube. There were guys there and even older people but no one stepped in to stop them, they even stand outside and encourage them to fight harder.

  2. I completely agree with you that the violence in public school in Philadelphia is one of the worst. It is sad how todays school students are so different, and some of them actually want violence. It sickens me, our grand parents never even saw this in school back in the day. I really think that it's all about the parents being proactive along with school officials. Sometime kids just need some one to look up and talk to. In no situation are you definitely safe. And no, you won't be able to stop all the madness but, at least being proactive will help with what can be prevented.

  3. Gabrielle CecalaJune 28, 2011 at 6:02 AM

    you are right. the Bad Girl Club tries to portray fights to be out of hand and to appeal to the people watching it. Many people do encourage girl fights. I guess they find it "sexy." Which is stupid, because nothing is sexy about ripping another girls hair or weave out. At least they know a woman can protect themselves and that were not feeble like they make us out to be in stereotypes. EX: " Oh, stop acting like a girl!" What is that really saying? That we are weak.