Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drinking and Driving

by: Hai Hu

Driving while drunk is dangerous and drivers with high blood alcohol content or concentration are at greatly increased risk of car accidents, highway injuries and vehicular deaths. In the United State, there are 25,000 people die each year of alcohol related collisions. Federal and State law could enforcement revoking your driver licenses if get drunk and driving, also, impounding your vehicles and vehicle plates. The rate of alcohol related fatalities has increased over the past decade in the United State.

Every single injury and death caused by drunk driving is totally preventable. Even though people pay attention in the proportion of crashes that are alcohol related in recent years, there are still far too many such preventable accidents. Unfortunately, alcohol impaired driving remains a serious national problem that tragically affects many victims every year.

In conclusion, drunk driving fatalities are more devastating because they are one hundred percent avoidable. The accident related fatalities that occurred could have been prevented in a sample way, like took a taxi or called someone drive for you. In some states drivers can be arrested for driving while impaired even if their blood alcohol concentration is lower than the legal limit, if the law enforcement officer believes he has probable cause based on the behavior and reactions of the driver. It's simply not a wise choice to get behind the wheel no matter how much you have had to drink.


  1. I agree drug driving is really serious thing here in the U.S. Drunk driving can be preventable, but people think that they will never get in a car accident while driving drunk. There are many people that take the risk and it's sad. You did a great job.

  2. Absolutely, the deaths and injuries are preventable by little effort and precaution as you described in your blog. There are also many new techniques and devices that help to avoid the results of drunk driving such as, ignition interlock device. These Smart Start ignition interlock products can be breath alcohol analyzers that keep drivers with DWIs/DUIs (Driving While Intoxicated /Driving Under the Influence) from operating vehicles if their breath alcohol level is over a pre-set level. A recent incident of the death of TV star, Ryan Dunn, was a result of binge drinking. According to the reports the alcohol level in his blood was found two times higher than the legal limit. So, instead of putting your life in danger and also the people around you, why not just follow the rules for personal and public safety.

  3. Nice post! I respect and admire you for your honesty. Once I start drinking I can't stop drinking, and if my car key is on me and my thinking has gone completely out the window it'd be tempting. I think we need to get off drink completely. And for the people that decide to drink and drive, they know the risk they run. If they chose to do so and kill someone, they should be charged with 1st degree murder. Everyone knows that drinking and driving kills. Why in the world should they be allowed to cop a plea? The victim didn't get to decide to live or die!
    @Sumayya Naeem: yes the Ryan Dunn accident was very sad, I watched Jack Ass 3D and he was hilarious. We lost him to Drunk driving!