Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Race and Ethnicity

By: Lamberto Owono          

          The term racial group refers to those minorities and the correspondent (and dominant groups) set apart from others by obvious physical differences. we can see those differences in both skin color and hair color. the largest racial minorities in the United States African American or Blacks, Native Americans or American Indians, and Asian Americans or Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans and other Asian people. Racial Formation in this process those who have power define group of people according to a racist social structure. the creation of the reservation system for Native Americans in late 1800s is one example of racial formation.


         this photo shows us different kinds of races that we have in  this world to the right we can see a black man in the middle we see young white woman, we see a Chinese girl and in the bottom we see Indian. That is the most races groups that are well known in the world.

         Ethnic groups - social category of people who share a common culture such as language, religion and norms. examples of ethnic groups are Italian Americans, Japanese Americans, Arab Americans, Polish Americans, Mexican Americans, Greek Americans and Irish Americans are all examples of ethnic groups in United States.
          sometimes some races can be very tough to achieve their goals because of the big obstacles that dominant group provides. in case of black people are very difficult to find a high paying job because of their skin color, and easily to be sentenced. so other racial groups that are not the dominant group.


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