Saturday, June 18, 2011


Archiebald Robinson

I will be speaking on the topic Globalization. When we say globalization, what does hit means and how does it influence our society and life. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Globalization? In this few research of mine, I will be telling you what I feel or think globalization is all about.
Globalization is a worldwide or universal control of policies, cultures, social movement, and financial market trade with the exchange of ideas. Globalization is also the bringing together of cultures, companies outsourcing, and technology. Because without technology cultures can’t be seen from distance and company cannot go into trade. Technology can also be a disadvantage to undeveloped countries because the people can’t afford it.
Universal Control of Policies- is how the world is being control by a certain policies. This also means that certain people in high power makes the rules and how people should go by it. These individual could be Presidents, Billionaires, Millionaires or people in high power. It also refer to those high industrialize countries company (China, Japan, etc.). Universal Control of policies can also bring awareness to people such as in the health area. Awareness of sicknesses, diseases and how it can be treated. Also awareness on Drugs control, computer controls from viruses, and like I said any epidemic situation.

Cultures-is knowing the custom or tradition behavior within a certain group. The way people talk, act and behave. The way people interact with one another. For example I am a Liberian and I lived in Nigeria for a few years and when ever you walk by a house or see a elderly person, you have to greet them and while greeting them, you have to bow a little or go on your knees, you cant shake their hands because it is an insult and you don’t call an older person by their name. You either say sir, ma, uncle or aunty even though they not your relative. In Africa, we were brought up with beating by elder, parents or teacher in order to behave ourselves but in America, there is less beating and more grinding. This form may be also known as the non-material Culture. Culture when it comes to globalization is very important because you get to know people norms, music, language and more. We know that the three most spoken languages in the world are: English, French and Spanish. The way of dressing by others and what material and products a certain country like or not is part of cultures in Globalization.

           Market trade and exchange of ideas is the commercial or industrialization of buying and selling trades of goods and services. When we talk about we look at the stock market and how it influences not only America but the whole world. Because as stocks goes up, there are more market and investment of people but when stocks goes down, there is less and people stop investing and value of the money devalue. For now I understand the Japanese yang is the highest money follow by the euro and US dollars. Globalization of these market exchanges is that it affects businesses, traders, makes consumer to know what commodity sells or need to be bought the most.

Technology in Globalization- When we talk about this, what do we mean technology in globalization? Technology is the technical idea and compliance of component reaches the world. Without technology life can still move on but with lot of struggles and difficulties. The electronics devices and communication devices won’t be possible. Because globalization influences our world and technology is the key factor of reaching people.  We see that cell phones and some portable devices are being made to get and stay connected to your family any part of the world. Technology helps in building business, friendship and relationship. With technology we can have business run faster and well and even get business partner all around the world. You can buy and sell online and even advertise you products to Billion around the world with the internet. We also have internet dating which people use to get to know someone far and near in order to establish that relationship.

Globalization is also the increase of interdependency towards connectivity and integration on a global level with respect of Trade, culture, political and economic levels. The advantages of globalization are as follows: Goods and services of people are transported with speed and accuracy. This also includes free trade between countries both locally and internationally. People are connected through media of communication all round the world. The  awareness and protection of people be it citizen within a country or environment. This awareness may also include as stated earlier health awareness of diseases and sicknesses control. All in all Globalization is a broad and very large issue we need to understand because it involves verities of issue. Be it health, business, political, technical, daily life issues. Lastly I may define it as the awareness of daily life issue which can help us move forward or control not to move forward. Lastly I will leave you with a video of President Barack Obama on Globalization.


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