Thursday, June 2, 2011

what is crime?

crime is identified as a deviant behavior. It is deviant in that it goes against accepted or written rules and laws that guide a society. not all deviance is crime. deviance become crime when it is designated by the institutions of society as violating a law or laws. reducing social inequality in society is likely to reduce crime.
people  commite becauseof their anger, drugs, alcohol, revenge, but the most common are love, money, jealousy. some crime  is upbringing, or the environment in which an individual is raised. take the west and the east phlidadelphia for exapmle if a crime commit in this neighobore its most likely going to be bulgary, robbery,theft , car jackingand work addict drugs. but if a crime commit by the north or the healhty neighobor those crime is more likely rapes, murder. but must murder is most often committed by someone the victim knows, like the case of Casey Anthony. She might was angry about she can't going out the way she used to and she kill her own daughter because of that. watch this video to see how her action speak otherwise.

the crime rate among income levels is really strong in US because  of their race or etnicity and income.
The FBI's annual Uniform Crime Report contains the official crime statistics drawn throughout the United States. But many crimes in the United States go unreported, expecially in the black neightboob.Thats why sociology found more young black man make crime because of that. most of the black man who commit crime its because they want to proctect themself or revenge. their complaint not always translate into report crime and they choice to do something about it. most of people who commit crimes its Black and Hispanic.In 2004 America's crime rate was roughly the same as in 1970, with the homicide rate being at its lowest level since 1965. Overall, the national crime rate was 3977 crimes per 100,000 residents, down from 4852 crimes per 100,000 residents thirty years earlier in 1974 (-18%).


  1. Shanarra JohnsonJune 2, 2011 at 7:57 AM

    I dont think more black men commit crimes because they go unreported.I believe crimes are committed by black men because it a way that all they know.Most black men grow up with an absent father,poor, and with a single mother struggling to survive herself;so they do what is necessary to survive.I don't condone what they do but in a way i can understand why its done.Nobody wants to be broke hungry and kind of dirty all their life growing up with kids in today's society its not easy living like that.

    I totally agree with you when you said love is among the most common killers.Love make peole do crazy things.My uncle took his own life because of love.Til this day i don't understand why but then again i don't understand love so i guess i wouldn't.I just feel people should think about things before they commit crimes or take their life cuz in the end its not worth it.

  2. Archiebald RobinsonJune 3, 2011 at 11:53 PM

    First of all i dont agree with Shanarra when she said it a way that all thy know. yes most black kids grow up without dad and grow up being poor with single mother. but it is how the parents and society brings a child up. a kid can grow up in a bad society and decide not to do bad. When it comes to come to love, i believe it make people go crazy and do funny things but taking your own life because of a woman or a man, that is really stupid and dumb. That person is consider one of the worst fool to me.

  3. I think that everyone have a choice to what they are doing. People that commit crimes that break laws, most of them have choices but, they made the wrong one. I know this because I know one of my friend he have a single parent and he have three brothers. They didn’t commit any crime to survive in the world because they choose not to. They choose to do things the right way by going out there and finding a job no matter how hard it was or how many people turn them down they keep trying.

  4. People that commits cirme is for absents of education, and manners. Most black men have perents that do not show any effects to their children, especially father. But i think that all race commits crime no more or less then blacks. No matter what race commits crime i think that they should be treated the same no matter the status, race, or power. A crime is a crime and no one should get out of it becuase they could pay for their freedom or because the connections with political people.

  5. People don't commit crimes because of any sort of racial factor. They commit crimes because there are in a position to where they can't get their needs met. Whether it be robbery or murder a crime happens either because that person takes out their frustation in life for any reason, if it's robbery to support their family or murder to satisfy themselves. This isn't to say that these are exceptable circumstances in any way just that there is a reason for everything.

  6. Any body can commit crime. I dont think because thats all they knoe or because a parent was absent from their lives. Thats just something to say because they think that will help them get away with it. I think for the people who commit crimes there some chemical unbalance in their minds,but we never know what they may be thinking.