Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why A Good Education Is So Important And The Key To Success

By: Cheryl Ewing

Education is the key to a successful future and the key element in helping everyone to develop to their full potential.  Having a good education will open doors of opportunity and take you to a higher level of success in your career endeavors. Through education and becoming exposed to added knowledge and experiences, people can find out for themselves what they are best suited for or interested in doing for the rest of their lives.

Making the decision to take advantage of all educational opportunities that are available is not something that is easy, oftentimes it takes effort to seek out those opportunities that could potentially help to further develop talents and abilities that we may already have. Education is not limited to just going to school. Any way a person can educate themselves or learn more about the world around them is key in establishing a successful career and future. It's rarely the knowledge and facts that you know that carry you up the career ladder and into the realms of success but rather the connections you make with others and how fast you can think on your feet and solve problems and generate new ideas. Simply getting by and passing classes in school is not enough. In order to get a good education, we have to put a great deal of effort and time into it and make the most of it. We have to be willing to learn new ideas, try new concepts, and experiment with what we are unfamiliar with. It doesn't matter what age you are or where you come from it's never to late to learn something new.

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  1. There is a quote by Napoleon Bonaparte that, “Give me an educated mothers; I shall give you an educated nation”. The importance of education is not only limited to professional field of life, but also covers the domestic needs of practical life. For example, educated parents can raise their children in much better way than less educated or illiterate parents. You are absolutely right that education is not just the name of going to school or any other educational institute, but to learn in life. That learning does not depend on indoor lessons and lectures, but outdoor interactions and experiences can also be effective. There is no limit of age or gender in getting knowledge and he/she can be so lucky who manage to get this wealth, no matter how late.