Friday, June 24, 2011

Human Sheep

By Charles Conrad

"Your mind is totally controlled. It has been stuffed into my mold and you will do as you are told until the rights to you are sold" ~~~ Frank Zappa

This semester we have seen many ways the top 1% of the human race controls the bottom 99% through various methods, many of which are held firmly in place through huge bureaucratic structural systems. Many of these systems have been in place for decades and some have been in place for centuries. IBM has recently introduced a human tracking implant known as the Verichip to assist the top 1% in their accounting process.

The Verichip is a radio frequency identification or RFID chip that can hold ALL of your personal information & send it out to anyone holding a receiver. The advertising premiss is that if you are sick and incoherent or unconscious it can immediately inform a hospital or EMS team who you are and they'll have access to your complete medical file. There is also a push to have everyone chipped as a way of monitoring the US census. It would also help avoid any possible hold-ups when traveling abroad because you would easily be identified as a US citizen. The implanted chips would also solve the illegal immigration problem. Anyone without the chip would be considered an alien.

The down side is that IBM also wants all of your personal history included on the chip. Your financial, insurance, criminal, medical, purchasing, voting, travel, & work histories. Imagine driving your car and a cop pulls up behind you. They would immediately have all of your driving history, your criminal history, your work history, your voting record, & your complete financial statement right there on their computer. They already have computers with camera's reading & running your tags automatically without the officers doing anything on their own. Imagine the interest law enforcement has in this technology. They would be able to catch ALL of the bad guys with their eyes literally closed! Cops want these things & they want them NOW in the name of your personal safety & security.

Here is an actual product video from IBM for the Verichip. Imagine yourself going into a shopping mall. The mall could instantly read your shopping preferences stored in the chip & immediately pitch you personalized advertising.  It's not hard to imagine how valuable this technology would be to advertisers. Remember, this is real & it is current. This is NOT science fiction.

IBM also uses this technology to track packages. RFID's are in use every day. This is how UPS can effectively track your packages. Here is another IBM RFID tracking commercial but this time for tracking shipments.

Tracking packages is fine & dandy but is human tracking by RFID implanting the wave of the future? There are many silent voices in big government and big business that are pushing heavily for these chips to be implanted in all American Citizens. The advertising campaign toward John Q. Public for this agenda will be one of health, safety, & security. There is also an agenda to have these implanted in every newborn in America so that law enforcement can easily track and protect any child that is reported missing. It is going to be advertised as making their lives safer & more secure but is that what we really want for our children? To be branded, tracked, and herded like cattle?

In fact they would not even be able to go to the bathroom without being watched yet this is NOT the scariest part of the computer monitoring programs being implemented today by big government. There have been many recent discoveries in growing neurons (brain cells) on computer chips and the Pentagon has been investing millions of dollars into this technology. Human brain cells will actually grow & infuse themselves as one with the chips. These "neurochips" are the direct link joining man & machine. The technology is here & it is happening now. .

The good side of this new science is that prosthetics may be able to be controlled via thought. In other words truly bionic limbs can be created & operated with these chips being completely organically integrated into your brain. The scary part is as I mentioned the Pentagon has been investing millions of dollars into this technology to put microprocessors into the brains of soldiers. Kurzweil has developed these chips so that unlike the Verichip which is a transmitter of personal information the new chips have receivers too so that thoughts can be transmitted into your brain. Can you imagine a battle hardened soldier long after discharge suddenly being fed information to go out & assassinate someone? These theories of brainwashing have been around for centuries but with this new technology it's just a matter of flipping a switch and uploading the desired target to the soldier's brain. The advertising premiss is that it can send them soothing thoughts to combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is real folks & it's coming to a soldier near you. It is called "Transhumanism." Look it up.

Human / computer interfaces & implants are being applauded by the top 1% as the means of complete and total control over the the bottom 99% turning us all into Human Sheep.

Imagine if we could hack the mainframe...

I posted "Human Sheep" a couple of days ago & just found the latest Verichip commercial.
Are you ready to be assimilated?

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