Thursday, June 9, 2011

Outsourcing-Are we cutting off our nose to spite our face?

By: Darnetta O. Matthews

    Once upon a time in America, virtually anyone with a high school education and the willingness to work hard could get a good job.  Fifty years ago a "good job" would enable someone to own a home, buy a car, take a couple of vacations a year and retire with a decent pension.  Unfortunately, those days are long gone.  Every single year the number of "good jobs" in the United States actually shrinks even as our population continues to grow.  Where in the world did all of those good jobs go?  Economist are tossing around terms like "outsourcing" and "off shoring" to explain what has happened, however most Americans don't understand what that really means. What this really means is sending work somewhere else.

My questions are, what is this doing to our economy? Are the jobs that are being outsourced being taking away from able body workers here? What is this saying to our children and the future of our country?

     With it being so important to lead by example why wouldn't children want to just outsource they chores, or homework? They could hire someone for less then want they have and get the job done, does this really teach them the value of hard work and being independent? My experience with calling customer service for say T-mobile has been terrible at best. I get so frustrated because I'm not understanding them and vise-versa I have received wrong information and switched from department to department only to be sent back to someone who I understand and who understands me. So is this really a good business practice?

     In learning more about the cultures that get these jobs and how much they are in need of them is it fair to us? As their economy is growing ours is getting worse. Unemployment is at a record high, the poor are getting poorer and the "middle class" in disappearing. The top reasons to me for "outsources" or "off shoring" is for the rich to get richer.
    With things being the the way they are my concern is this country and where we are headed we could be like the countries that the jobs are going to with big beautiful buildings everywhere and people living in poverty around them. So my question still remains "are we cutting off our nose to spite our face"?


  1. Very interesting point you make "are we cutting of our nose to spite our face?" until you mentioned it I never considered myself as being a part of the "we" when it comes to this topic, however I am simply, because up until I watched the 30 days doccument in class and read your blog I was very upset about the outsourcing of many jobs here in America. Now I have a very different opinion after reading and seeing what the effects of outsourcing and off shoring has on other countries with a high level of poverty and I say that america could use a little plastic surgery to replace it's nose. It's for a good cause.

  2. This is a good post because outsourcing is a growing business in the United States and we as people need to be informed so we can do something about it before it’s too late. When I think about outsourcing I start to believe we live in a money hungry country and the government never cared in the first place about us and or well-being because if you can fire people who worked for your company for years and hiring someone just because there cheaper. That’s wrong so way should anybody work for these corporations if 5 years down the line their just going to hire someone for pennies to do your job. To me from here it will only get worst and soon Americans will just be consumers and hired to operated the machines that’s now doing their old job. Good Post!!!

  3. Katherine PeraltaJune 13, 2011 at 2:19 PM

    Darnetta, you did a nice job with this blog. Outsourcing also reminds me of globalization. In order to do something, like a simple call to PECO ( which is awful to call) is a hard thing to do. We have to wait so many minutes in order to be helped and we go from line to line. It's just ridiculous! I want to see what more does Outsourcing cause. Nicely written Darnetta!

  4. Outsourcing gives way to focus on the main & key issues if an organization.