Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Marriages Fail ( Not Success )

     Marriage should be one of the main event or happy thing in each our life. But today’s society people change to another for to find a better person for their life, because of their marriage relationship all falling apart. Before I going a further to tell why marriage is failing I will tell you what should be a real relationship.       

     The relationship between a man and a woman, in marriage is possibly the most important and powerful relationship two people can experience. The marriage relationship, as God planned it, has the potential for the greatest experience of intimacy, companionship, partnership, mutual support, protection, pleasure, enjoyment and productivity of any human relationship. A good marriage is a wonderful blessing and an unparalleled treasure for the husband and wife. A strong, growing, loving marriage is also the encouragement environment in which children succeed and grow to be healthy, responsible adults. This Picture should be one example of real marriage .

 Nobody wants to fail their marriage. But it takes the effort of both the partners to make a marriage happy and successful one. There can be a lot reasons why a marriage fails.  Some of the reason that which causes that marriage fails are.

  1.  Lack of trust
  2.  Unrealistic expectations (Thinks differently)
  3.  Inability to handle responsibility
  4.  Depending on the spouse for everything
  5. Not having personal happiness (No Sex)
  6. Dripping secrets ( sharing personal information to family members  and friends. cannot keep the secrets or promise)
  7. Lack of communication or understanding with spouse
  8. Money issues
  9. Spending too much time apart from each other
  10. Criticizing and irritating your partner too much, also attitude problems
  11. Not consulting to your partner before any decision. ( Makes their own decision )
  12. Not doing the little things. 

     These are only a few reasons why marriage fails; there are many other reasons too. Now this problem grows up very fast and globalizes every part of the world now. For example, one of my neighbor divorced for no specific reason. The problems are lack of communication, spending too much time apart from each other, and lack of trust. He is Eye physician and she is sales manager. They both work so hard for to earn money, but less time being together. He told us that when he calls her she not picking the phone, but when he ask her why not picking the phone then she said she is working. He not believing what she saying, he thinks she is lying and cheating on him. There should be a least one verbally fight in week about this incident. In the end the both couple end up in divorce court and finally divorced.

This problem can be easily solve by talk each other while both of them relaxing or when they were going out. but it doesn't happen. So please don’t be make stupid mistake like these people did or anything that I put in top. Marriage should be is one of the happiest moment and happiest thing in our life. Keeps your relationship safely and be love one another. So you don’t have look for another partner for your life, enjoy with what you had...

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