Monday, June 27, 2011

Cigarette VS Alcohol

By: Ang Anwar Nowadays, most people enjoy smoking and drinking. Some of them are a social smoker or a social drinker, and some of them are a heavy smoker or an alcoholic. These smokers and drinkers are willing to spend their money just to satisfy their needs. Tobacco companies earn a lot of profits by selling cigarettes, as well as hospitality industries. Moreover, both of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are consider a deviance in the society. However, which one is more destructive to our society, smokers or drinkers? In a cigarette, there are 4,000 chemicals; that is includes 43 cancer-causing compounds and 400 other toxins. Furthermore, there is also nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide in a cigarette. As we all know, nicotine is really addictive, it also has some bad effects to our cardiovascular, respiratory, dermatology, and musculoskeletal systems. Moreover, even though the tobacco companies printed the bad effects of cigarettes on the a cigarette box, most people still smoke cigarettes.
What about alcohol? Alcohol is considered as carbohydrate family, because it has two carbon sugar in the structure. The structure is in a small size and simple that it is easy to be absorb by every cell in the body. Alcohol has a lot of bad effects to our brain system, such as depression, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, etc. Furthermore, alcoholism also can cause someone to get into breaking the laws, such as, driving under influence(DUI). Currently, "Jackass" star, Ryan Dunn was killed because he was driving under influence and it also cause the death of his friend who was in the car that night with him.
Thus, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are not good habit in the society. Both of cigarettes and alcohol can cause a lot of bad effects that not only does it affect the person who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, it also affect people around them. Which one is worse, a smoker or a drinker? Both of the cigarettes and alcohol is dangerous. However, although the statistic shows that the mortality rate is higher for smokers, I believe alcohol is worse than cigarettes, because it can kills you either slowly or fast (like what happened to Ryan Dunn). I would suggest people to avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. However, if people can avoid it, just control themselves and do not consume cigarettes and alcohol too much. Just like a proverb, too much anything is always bad.

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