Monday, June 27, 2011

Bus Etiquette

By Terri Davenport

If you have ever rode public transportation before than you know exactly what I'm talking about Bus Etiquette.  You know, that thing that some people just take for granted but we think everyone should know about.

  • For example, letting the elders get on the bus before you, don't try to knock them down getting on the bus for a seat.
  • Standing in front of the bus when it's almost empty in the back with seats. It seems like all the people standing in the front are large and they dare you to say something to them.
  • How about when the young people sit in front of the bus when all the old or handicap people are standing.  
  • In my opinion, it's rude to play your music on the back of the bus so loud that the front of bus hears it.
  • How about the fact that everyone is talking on their phone all at the same time!  I see why the regional rails have a quite car who wants to hear your conversation?
  • Do I even have to mention how people eat on the bus and just throw their trash on the floor or the seats.  Bus Etiquette I'm not understanding how some people can live with themselves.
  • There literally was a fight that fell into my lap between maybe a 65 year old woman and a girl in her 20's.  I even saw a man slap a older woman in her face because she didn't move off the bus fast enough!
What is up with this generation?  How dare you slap or hit someone else's mother or grandmother.
Is society teaching us that it is okay to solve everything with violence?  Why is everyone so angry?
There is no respect for one another.  Is this society teaching this generation to be that self absorbed that no one matters but themselves?

We do not need to improve on cell phones, computers, ipods or anything else electronic, we need to improve on manners, respect and compassion for mankind. I believe that because of modern technology no one is really communication with one another.
Back in the day, the elderly's wisdom were honored, respected and loved, and in some cultures today they still are. If someone even looked like they were going to disrespect an elderly their families were all over them.  But not in this day and age, why is that?

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  1. It is so sad that our society have gotten to the point were they don't seem to care anymore.When I was pregnant,a guy almost pushed me down to get to a seat on the bus. I agree,this seem to be an angry generation. Modern technology is great,but it's nothing like the wisdom that was shared by grandma and grandpa.They took the time to communicate the things they experienced in life.Perhaps that is the problem,the generation lacks communication.