Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No One on the Corner has Swagger like Us!

   In today's society marketing is the way to go In marketing you have to always make sure you appeal to your audience but sometimes I feel like how the companies market their consumers is by the way of using sterotypes to help them with their appeal. For example I chose these two State Farm commercials. The first one is of these group of blacks guys that when they greet each other they give each other daps. Im not saying that giving a dap is a sterotype or that makes me feel some type of way because everyone does that but what does bother me is how the guy who explains the State Farm commercials starts talk and his movements. He starts waving his hands like he is about to go rap and spit on a mic or something. I hope that he doesn't think that all black people talk like that just because he seen the other guys do a dap. Compared to the other commercial where a group of friends are out having lunch the way the State Farm representative is talking is very calm which he is in the other commercial but his hand movements isn't as "hip hoppy" as the other one. So basically what I see in these two commercials is when you want to target black people add a little "swagger" in your movements and you got yourself a minority's attention.

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