Friday, June 17, 2011


  By: Monique Anderson


          We all grow up with the fantasy that we will meet that special someone, get married , have children, and live in a big house with the white picket fence with a dog. This fantasy changes drastically if you homosexual. Our society has made it almost impossible for the gay and lesbian committee o live in harmony with us. Society puts road blocks in the form of laws that state that homosexual can’t get married, marriage is only between a man and a women to recognized in the United State. Now is this a fair practice we should be a shame of this, but we are not. They should be able to marry in any state just like there heterosexual counterparts. Gay people can’t even enjoy perks that heterosexual couples are privilege to everyday. Invisible privileges that we as heterosexuals take for granted like public shows of affection are deem as taboo for gay partnerships. Something as simple as wanting to have a family is hard for this couples , biologically we know this is impossible. Other option is adoption and it  has red tape and conditions in place , where gay couple are looked at as not good role model for children because of their lifestyle. When in fact being a good parent has nothing to with a person sexuality. If that was true then there is a lot of heterosexual who shouldn’t be parent or who are bad parents.  Even trying to find a good neighborhood for these couple to start their families in are sometime hard  because in this day and age nobody want to living next door to a out gay couple , it might lower there property value or  their gayness might rub off on there children (image that). Basically they don’t want your kind in there neighborhoods. Then we have the religious groups that makes being homosexual a sin.These  groups even have ceremonies  where they try to pray your gay away.

      Even in this video that I am providing the gentleman was treated fine until he showed that he was homosexual. Sexuality is it not a private matter anymore? No , not in today society . I feel that this is not  anyone’s business whether a person is gay or straight. I was always brought up to not judge people, but in today’s society that is just what we do judge or make assumptions on a person sexual  orientation.  And once a homosexual person comes out and identifies with the gay lifestyle they are always made to feel different or harassed. It’s so bad that some homosexual have died because of their sexuality. There’s a high rate of suicide among gays and lesbians. In the U.S we hear anti-gay slurs such as homo,fagots and sissy about 26 times or once every 14 minutes according to Mental health America. This is a very alarming to know about our culture, we reject what is different . Are they suppose to assimilate to mainstream American and hide who they really are inside, we heterosexuals don’t. When was the last time you heard of a  straight person coming out about their sexuality never . I feel us as a society need to do better if we keep this up , we are going to be a nation of hateful homophobic . What type of example are we showing our children . What ever happen to love thy brother, or does this only applies if he’s heterosexual. We preach that a person should love the skin that they’re in please only if your straight.  We really need to do better because their no room for society in the bedroom.

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