Monday, June 27, 2011

Religion In the U.S.

By:  James Collins

I have been a religious person all of my life . Staying strong in my faith has been a challenge as I have worked my way through life's ever changing landscape. Over my sixty some years religion has played an important part in my African American culture, and the fact is that it has helped keep my people from losing focus on gaining the right to a human existence . I have found religion in almost very element of our modern social environment . This country's people get their most powerful human component of individual and group identity  based on religion mainly Christianity.

Note:  " U.S. Religious Landscape Survey finds that religious affiliation in the U.S. is both very diverse and fluid". Just how diverse is the question? I can point out that in our society people suffering from addictive behaviors, and abuse problems . They can join a recovery program that uses the 12 steps recovery plan . This 12 step recovery program has a very important 3 steps which tells the clients to get in tough with their spiritual inner self. This idea is based on a Christan's point of view. Some say it works , and others would argue that they had no choice in stopping their addictive behaviors ,are he /she would have died. Religion in some cases points to a persons attitude.

The question is were are you in the scope of U.S. Rreligious Landscape ? Rreligion has helped me and  a great deal of other people in handling our societies ills.  Can you add a timely statement concerning religion in the U.S. ?

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