Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sexuality: How far will the bar be raised?

By: Rosalia Gentile

    Sexuality is how people perceive and want to be perceived by the opposite sex. Our sexuality determines who, how and what we are going to do in a sexual situation. Even down to simple interaction with others. Hugs, kisses, hand shakes, flirtatiouss gestures and remarks, these are all ways we express ourselves sexually.  Now, what or who says there is an average age for people to start exploring there sexuality?  When do people start actually having sex?  From what I have heard in real life and researched myself , I have come across different answers.
   From the time I started High School (2001, ten years ago) untill currently , there has been quite the age gap of virginity loss. I have personally met and heard from large groups of girls  today that majority of 13 and 14 year olds have already started having sex or have had multiple partners. This is a little shocking to hear, as I was growing up  people were starting a little later . It was more predominant in the higher grades ,mostly 16 and 17.
    I have recently heard kids in grade schools on schoolbusses are even starting to experiment! I was repulsed to hear from a younger cousin that they now have a person in charge on there school bus,  that makes sure kids aren't engaging in sexual activity. This wonderful duty was created do to a recent incident where a young girl ( around 10 years old)  was dared to perform oral sex on another child. I am classifying this age age group as children because I do not feel that people in this age bracket are mature enough on any level to be involved in such sexual activities. And further more I feel bad for girls that have to remember there first or any sexual experience this way. No respect, dignity or special intimate attachment to what they are doing. It's just like " so how  was the bus ride home?''  " oh you know , I gave  that kid in my math class head today''. Yep ! it's that nonchalant . So casual , like  saying what you ate for lunch . 
   Myself and I'm sure many parents aren't the happiest to hear about this. However the reality is what it is.But why ? Why are people especially the youth treating sex so casual and  being so out in the open about it  ? People have always had the desire and curiosity to want sex. What is making sex so expected and unspecial though? 
      I may not be 100% accurate, but I think many may agree or at least see what I see.  I am blaming the obvious and usual suspect for  depleting  our values and morals in society. Ah! the lovely media .
    TV shows, movies, magazines, the Internet.... I could go on and on.  Everywhere you turn sex slaps you in the face!  Who's doing who and how and where!  This is what children now are exposed too. I'm not naive to say that there was ever a time in history that sex or any aspects of it  where hidden away and nobody could find anything. Of coarse not! Thank God for the Romans for the beginning of sexual entertainment!  LOL!  I just see it as something that has turned into a casualty and expectation, and judged on a'' no big dea''l basis.

This video is from the  show  ''Secret life of an American teenager''. that was originally about a young girl that gets pregnant after her very first time experiencing sex and how to go about handling it. Since then the shows story line has turned into  all the people (whom are 15-17 years old) on the show are all sleeping with each other and then there friends.Sexual drama turns into emotional turmoil. This shows target audience are of the same age groups as on the show and even younger. What exactly is the message here again?

    These magazines are both available at any local drug store or news stand.  Mine as well sell Playboy and Hustler while there at it!  These magazines are a pg-13 version of "Sex for Dummies". 

This is an interesting new term for a man's penis. Disco Stick?  I mean really. Just imagine these lyrics streaming out of the mouth of a 5 year old now.This song suggests that sex is fun and games. Games are fun right?

  There are defiantly way more examples out there of how casual sex is just thrown out there. It's portrayed as fun, nonchalant and plus EVERYONE is doing it. The TV shows  portray it as an everyday act that even teens are and can do it, and handle it like an adult. The truth of the matter is teens are not adults. Not even close. I know that sex in the media is nothing new. I am just interested in how far will the bar be raised?  How close are we to basically selling porn out in the open?  Sounds like I'm being a bit dramatic. Maybe, but look  at it this way . One of the first ways that the media exploited a sexy image in the movies or on TV was  a women revealing her leg to get a man's attention. Very subtle , mysterious and alluring.  Look how far  expressing sexuality has taken it.

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  1. Uliser Galdamez CorkeryJune 15, 2011 at 10:44 PM

    Rosalia your bolg is very said but i think that parents have some fult to it. I remember when i was in my teen my mother alwalys reminding me if i choose to have intercource with a women to make shoure I use protection. their are many resons why parents should talk to their childer regarding sex, infections, pregnacy, and respect. If perents talk to their chidren often about the consecuense tha having sex at a young age could do to them, thier could be a big chance that they will wait for the right moment. I will make shore my children will be educated about the cons of having sex in a early age.