Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Changing of Gender

By: Macy Kee-Jarmon
     When most people hear the word "Gender" the first thing that often come to mind is male and female. Gender is learned expectations of social norms taught by people in our everyday lives. From very early on girls are taught to be feminine and boys masculine. Babies are dressed based on gender in pink and blue. It may even seem hard to believe but diapers can even be purchased based on the sex of the child. Toys are also marketed specifically for boys and girls showing them early what society considers to be normal behavior.Social norms based on gender teach our children that females are the ones who stay at home taking care of the children while the men go off to work as shown in the photos to follow.

     Girls in our society are taught they should always be dressed in skirts and dresses as depicted in the following picture spend lots of time baking and cooking.


     While these are the images taught to our children the reality is that they are also taught that women can many things that men can do and vice verse. Women are advancing in education, as well as sports, and even the workforce.

     In conclusion social norms based on gender are changing. We are seeing more male single parents, more successful business women, and role reversals in family dynamics. How will society react to new social norms based on gender?


  1. The most amazing aspect of this topic is, the whole "gender setting" is stereotypical to what the earlier years like 1940's-50's. We live in different times now, like you stated above. Women are more in-demand. Sex is only ones ascribed description. But gender is definitely not to be label by one's sex. I'm just glad to see that women are not limited no more to a "can" and "can't" list.

  2. Archiebald RobinsonJune 18, 2011 at 6:48 AM

    I understand that gender setting is an important issue and the changing of gender may happens in lot of ways. But i believe when it comes to male and female, no matter how much a lady is making or what position she is, she should disrespect the man especially her husband. She should be respectful and cook when her man wants her to.

  3. I believe that there should be a MUTUAL respect between a husband and a wife. Most women don't have a problem cooking for their husbands and children. I personally enjoy cooking for my family while still having so many other things on my todo list. Many women see chef as just another hat they wear like housekeeper, laundry attendant, taxi driver the list can go on forever. Husbands can cook sometimes too, and some chores can easily be shared among the two.