Monday, June 27, 2011

Sexual graphic is everywhere! Stop selling it!

By Khanh Nguyen

Couple days ago, I participated in my class game, we were asking about the topics that are covered in the final exam. I came up several times, one of the times, I was asked to give a example of commercial of Sex.  I took the opportunity to answer the question, I said “porn”. Everyone in class was laughing. I felt embarrass at that moment. I asked myself that “Did I say something wrong, at least in the wrong time at a wrong place?”  I went to talk to one of my friend and he told me that people instead of saying “porn” directly, they prefer “adult graphics”.

I kept thinking about that till the next day, and then I suddenly thought out one thing that no matter how nicely the terms that people use to call “porn”, it is still a sex material and pornography is one of the largest media industries in the world. It is a little awkward to hear or say this word in public but with me it is reality.

We can catch the images in many types, many ways.  We can see them form the TV reality shows to advertisement billboards, to magazines and sometimes in propagandas.

In the modern world when Sex is no longer private and people can easily catch these images everywhere. For example, couple months ago, there was a crisis between parents and the casinos in Atlantic City when one of their advertisement billboards of one of the shows that contained strong sexual graphic was placed along the Atlantic express way.

Anyway, I think that people should reconsider about Sex and place it back to its original spot as “human reproduction activity”. Reveal Sex in public is one of shortest way to bring us back to our ancestor age and destroy the modern world society.

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  1. I agree with you. Everywhere I go now things are being advertised in some way or form of sex. A lot of people say that sex sells and that why things are they way they are, but I do feel like it is some what destroying our society. You did a great job.