Friday, June 24, 2011


By Irina Pavlava
In recent years, we often hear and use the word "ecology", but one can hardly assume that everyone understands it in the same meaning. People understand that it means - to breathe fresh air, drink clean water, eat food without nitrates and don't glow in the dark. From ancient time the man is “the crown of nature,” the only sensible child, who in its scientific and practical activities could come closer to understanding the deepest universe problems. And at the same time, the development of industry, transportation and military technology has led to what is under the influence of human nature began to change irreversibly. We have become so strong that some of our actions have led to such disastrous consequences of global warming, greenhouse effect and climate change. Every day we have polluted our "Green planet" and this process is constantly sustained.
  Pollution is not problem of only one county or nation, and a global problem. The problem of ocean pollution is a good example of damage of our environment. All the oceans and world are connected. Pollution does not stay where it were began. It spreads out from every river, creek, harbor and affects of water bodies everywhere. Many cities take tons of garbage out to sea and dump it there. The quantity of garbage that ends up in the water is incredible. Approximately five million plastic containers are thrown into the world's ocean. These include human waste and chemicals used in agriculture. Also, during the manufacturing a huge amount of polluting substances has been poured out into sewage. So the early, many beautiful rivers, on which coasts usually the cities or towns were built, has turned into a polluted rivers. However, in fact people have to use water from these rivers; consequently, it is not safe for human health.  
Sometimes the oil tankers accidentally spill millions of gallons of oil into the sea. Those bear a catastrophic affect on ocean life. This waste does not disappear on the vast expanses of ocean, as some people think. Huge amount of chemicals stay in the water for long, some of them float to the shores, and affect on sea creatures, fishes, animals and humans. Many species of living organisms have died out even more of them are on the verge of extinction; and it is the man's fault.
Sometimes people do not treat nature providently. It is also the ecological problem. They leave a lot of garbage after themselves in public places (a park, woods and beaches). 
Air pollution is another huge global problem.  Every day many enterprises throw out poisonous substances - waste of production into the atmosphere and destroy its ozone layer. The ozone layer helps protect the earth from the sun's rays, without this layer, most forms of life on earth, including humans, probably would not be able to live. 
This video clip provides many pictures of air pollution and makes us think about our negative actions. Through this movie we understand that is terrible situation “the U.S. responsible for 30.3% of the world gases emissions, that in Asia the pollution and smog is so thick on some nights people cannot see the stars and that every year 200000 - 570000 people die from ambient air pollution.” Let’s allow our children to see the stars at night!
 Pollution can have serious consequences for the people health, and also severely affects natural ecosystem. Therefore people must unite in the struggle against environmental contamination and try to solve it.  Through the sociology we learn the lesson “Your Actions make a Difference" and "Turning insights into Actions" (Creating a More Just and Sustainable World by Brett Johnson, Ross Haenfler, and Ellis Jones h.) and we know that everybody can change our society and our world. We should just do some action that can do or do not do another negative one. Lets reserve of natural resources: water, gas, electricity. We should not pollute the world around us and should start from our homes, streets, cities and countries. Then we can keep all our natural resources and riches of our planet to the descendants.


  1. I am glad someone spoke out about polution and the damage it is causing. I do my best to always turn off lights and unplug my electronics to conserve energy. It also breaks my heart when I look in the streets and see trash, I just cannot understand why people drop trash on the planet that belongs to us. We have to live here, and whenever my friends litter, I try to make it a point for them to pick it up and utilize trashcans. Lets keep our planet clean!

  2. By James Collins
    Pollution: My comment on the Blog by Irina Pavlava points to her view on "ecology" and in this writing Irina gets deep into the meaning of the word pollution. Her over all view points speak to our modern times,and mans growing knowledge also the effects that technological development has on our nations society and environment. We as a modern industrial country suffer from the down side of progress. Pollution is what comes with our 21 century and forward growth viewed from a global stand point.The problems keep building up as the defects are reveled by time and over use of certain man made products. The pollution problem is at all levels in our modern social environment. Man's life style is suffering . Man can not afford to over look the importance of what we take for granted (Thanks to Irina for the heads up ).
    Note: Do you know that the rat race is taking us all down , but are there any possitive ways to fix this pollution problem . ( Write a suggestion ).