Saturday, June 25, 2011

Increasing Inequality In Education

By: Anna Gomenyuk

I believe education is one of the many important things everyone should be entitled to. It should not feel like a privilege, education is something that should be easily attained and accessible to everyone. For children, school is a place where they learn various subjects such as math and history. But it’s more than that too. It’s where they make friends, socialize, participate in different after school activities, and explore who they are. We should want the best for our future generations and do as much as we can to give them the only best. Unfortunately, along with the many inequalities in our society, education is one of them. Instead of trying to fix the school systems, we seem to be doing worse.

Take for example the School District of Philadelphia. Due to the $629 million budget gap, they are cutting programs and laying off staff. They fired around 3,000 staff, making the classrooms bigger, which is sometimes not the best way to learn. Programs such as art and music will be cut as well, along with junior varsity sports teams. Even transportation will be cut! No student should worry about how they will get to school and back home. Special Ed programs and summer schools will also be impacted. This is a nightmare! Students should have as many opportunities as possible but instead they are taking these opportunities away from them.

What these students will be going through is not fair to them. Like the girl in the video said, they are taking their futures away from them. It’s shocking to me how they can do this to students. Instead of upgrading the school system, they are downgrading it, which is just increasing the inequality in education and schools. 


  1. I strongly agree, it is not fair to the children not to have an equal opportunity to get a quality education , no matter what side of the tracks they are from. When they cut the budget for the schools and increase the money to build prisons, there is something definitely wrong with that picture.

  2. Fatoumata ndiayeJune 25, 2011 at 9:45 PM

    I totally agree with that. Children are the hope of tomorrow, they should be encouraged to learn and have a bright future, but not cutting their chance from getting an education.

  3. By James Collins
    The post written by Anna Gomenyuk concerning “Increasing Inequality in Education” on Saturday June 25, 2011 was very timely. In reading this post I have taken into account certain statements written, and in doing so my responses are mostly in agreement with the content. We live in the most highly developed nation on earth, as such education should be offered to each American equally. A person’s, race, gender, are cultural roots should not be a factor when gaining the knowledge needed to properly function in our society. Education must be equally available to all children through out America no matter what part of the country they live in. This statement means the urban areas of cities, rural counties, and suburban middle class townships. This country has fallen behind in the list of higher education according to different information I have read, seen on the media, and discussed in an open social setting. The future generations of our nation may loose the standing in the global networks, and industrial countries of the world.
    Note: This country has cut the budgets of mostly all major cities school systems. And the children suffer at all levels poor, middle class, and the upper-class. ? This problem needs to be fixed. I f our government can build a modern War machine, and police the smaller countries around the world surely it can provide the nation with equal education. I agree with Anna, and how about you other American’s?