Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Organized Crime

By: Shanarra Johnson

Organized Crime is crimes that are structurally put together and is providing illegal services or goods to people. When you hear of an organized crime what comes to mind? Most people would think of the drug trade or bank robbers. The drug trade and bank robberies both have to be well thought out and planned before any action is actually carried. Its well thought out so that no mistakes will be made and the chances of getting caught is slim to none but, an organized crime that has been around for centuries is the American Mafia.

Since the Beginning of time the American Mafia has run America. The mafia is an Italian based criminal Society that is involved in every illegal trade in the world. Money laundering, gambling, prostitution you name it they have a part in it. The mafia has rules and expectation just as if it was a real job organization. They have series of tasks t perform before they can be considered a member of the organization. Just like a job if the rules are broke you are terminated (murdered). The video below talks about the rules and codes the mafia lives by.

The American Mafia is one dangerous organization to become apart of. Once your in they own you and the only way out is death or jail. Its not something you get in and get out with it becomes your life.


  1. The Mafia has been around for a very long time and I do believe that that is something that a person (or should I say mostly males) is born into. It sounds like a more intensed gang just like they have now but gets passed on from generation to generation. It sounds interesting and everyone is treated like blood family until you cross one of them because you have just crossed them all! The Mafia is all around us, you do not know who is in it and who isn't. The life is great like you said until you want to get out. Nice topic, I haven't heard about the Mafia for a long time. Great job!

  2. Nowadays criminals have become smarter. In order to pull off a crime succesfully it has to be carefully, and skillfully planed.