Tuesday, June 28, 2011


By Marceline A Bien-Aime               

        Drugs, Alcohol and Eating disorders are a few things that can land some people into a rehabilitation center.  Rehab centers are known to help cleanse or detox people from their bad habits to help them get a better life.  But what happens if Rehab isn’t just enough to help the person.  Some people who have addictions can overcome them in rehab while others tend to have a relapse. 
                Many Hollywood artists seem to be going to rehab.  You would think that most people who are in rehab are poor, not educated, don’t work or have low self-confidence.  But people like Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Dennis Rodman, Matthew Perry and the well-known Amy Winehouse all had their time in rehab.  Unfortunately for Amy Winehouse it didn’t turn out too well.

              Amy Winehouse was best known for her song Rehab in which she states "they tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no."  The song was a big hit along with the album which won many grammy's however people didn't take her seriously about her drug and alcohol addiction.  After having her family and friends beg her to go to rehab she finally decides to go but on her way buys vodka.  Now if your going to rehab why would you buy what you aren't going to be able to have?  I'm guessing that is what caused her relapse.  Here is a video of her a few weeks AFTER leaving rehab?
       So no matter how rich or poor it seems that anybody can have a relapse after being released from rehab.  Sometimes it does take people once to be cleaned or a few times back and forth to finally get back control of there life.  Using Amy Winehouse as an example I hope people can understand that it's not easy to kick a habit.  If you know anybody with an addiction please visit this website. http://www.theagapecenter.com/Treatment-Centers/Pennsylvania.htm


  1. so many people with a drug or a alcohol problem sometimes don't even admit they have a problem which I still til this day don't understand how they think they can just stop if the want to. I know only 3 people which have drug / alcohol problem but so many of my friends and family smoke cigarettes which as you know are addictive as well and they to think they can stop when ever they want to. 1 out of the 3 people I know that had a really bad problem with drugs killed himself by his own addiction. Which is why I really try to talk the other 2 to seek help at a rehab. And thank you for the link I will show this to them .

  2. I really enjoyed this post, what bothers me the most is the fact that stars and athletes take rehab so lightly. They are constantly getting a slap on the wrist. Which in turn leads everyone else to believe that addiction isn't serious. Today's society views and idealizes people in th entertainment industry. I feel they have an obligation to the people that are supporting their success. Many of them don't want the label "role model" but once you are in the public eye, you become just that. Addiction is very serious and I feel that when someone is that heavily addicted to any controlled substance, they need certain rights taken away. At that point it shouldn't be up to them whether or not they get help. It should be mandatory, they shouln't get to come and go as they please. I feel they are a danger to society and need to be held accontable for their actions. Extreme addiction and drunken behavior is a cry for help. Once you're under the influence, you are not in your right state of mind. Someone, a family member or loved one needs to step in for that reason. Whether it's a star with an addiction, we need to recognize that drug addiction effects more then just that individual, it effects the community.

  3. I think that rehab is perfect for someone who really wants help. In Amy W. case, she really didnt want to they made her. Most addicts in my opinion can seem to deal with reality. The friends I know that use drugs say that they inhance their reality. Some friends I know that smoke week say that the can not start their day unless the smoke weed first. It seems it usually takes something horrible to happen for someone to want to change, and even then some people go right back after things calm down. Thats why I say it depends on the person.