Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Race and Ethnicity in America!

By Truong Pham:

America has always been viewed as the country of diversity; the home of many ethnic backgrounds.  Multiculturalism is very important in our United States. It helps us look at other cultures respectably and freely.  Without it, we would be forced to be informed about only the mainstream culture in our society.

          Many people confuse race and Ethnicity.  Race is a group of people united or classified together on the basis of common history, nationality, or geographic distribution, or in other words a general description. Ethnicity is an ethnic quality or affiliation resulting from racial or cultural ties, or more exactly, what country or countries you and your ancestors originate from.  Multiculturalism has found its way to become a popular term because race truly does not define any real differences between people. How people are raised and their beliefs are what make them different.

What makes the US the melting pot of the world is that it is a place that is full of different cultures.  There are many benefits of multiculturalism. With the mix of different cultures in the United States we have new ideas and worthwhile benefits. Since all these new ideas are around, the United States benefits from this.  For example, food; There are many different things out there for us to choose such as tacos, sushi, and Chinese food. We also got different sports, which people have brought over from different countries. We have hockey from Canada, soccer from Europe, and golf from Scotland. If we did not have these different blends of cultures we would not have been able to experience these sports or foods.  With all the different ideas and beliefs coming from the different cultures we develop respect for their views. We learn from them like with the Native Americans. They had a lot of respect for the land and the earth. They taught us to respect the land and ourselves. Having multiculturalism in America lets us blend our different cultures together and learn from each other.  

Since mixed culture children are booming in the United States, will this change the way we look at each other? Hopefully, because I feel that there is no need to be racist. All people are the same, no matter what shape, color, or size. Being in America has allowed us to view other cultures and religions we would not have known about if there was no immigration. Because of this we have holidays that appeal to all cultures.  We are becoming more and more multicultural country, so I hope there will be no more racism and we could all sit and laugh at each others identities peacefully.


  1. Uliser Galdamez CorkeryJune 16, 2011 at 9:19 AM

    I agree with you beacuse America is a multiculterism country with lots of opportunities for all different race. Racism should be out of the picture because no matter what we all are equal. Diversity is part of society. Because of multiculterism, we all get to learn about others perspectives from their cultural background.

  2. In maybe about 50 or so years,hopefully less, racism should cease to exist. With all the mixed races inhabiting the U.S., what could you really call 'race'? Mixed races is one of the best things that has happened in this country or anywhere else. Mixed races helps us understand each other better and we can see each other hopefully in an unjudgemental light.

  3. Hi Truong Pham, your blog is very nice especially the video you selected and of course the whole content. The multiculturalism is very useful for us. we learn a lot of different things from other people or other cultures. Every culture has bad and good things. For example, in my country Pakistan and most of the other Asian countries students respect their teachers too much and therefore they can't ask every question they want to. I am not saying that this bad but I found a wide distance between teachers and students. I never met with my teachers out side the class and I never knew about where were their offices, phone numbers or emails. Here in USA I found it very helpful and comfortable to discuss my problems with my teacher. And it good for every student especially for those student who can't ask questions in the class. Every one likes his/ her culture. There are a lot of nice things other cultures have. We should know about it and if we can't adopt it at least we should respect them. Unfortunately some people in power focused on only bad things from certain cultures, races and religions. They are the people who only show one side of the image. We need know both sides of the the image and not only trust and judge on basis of what media show us and what some groups of bias people say. And in this way I hope that we will beat and eliminate racism.