Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Health & Illness

By Terri Davenport

What is Health & Illness?

Health is a social physical or mental condition,  a overall condition of the body whereas illness means the condition of being in poor.  Everyone wants to be in good health, but like the saying goes, "Anything worthwhile isn't easy!"  Society makes it easier & cheaper not to be healthy.  Health insurance extremely expensive (especially if you have a family), healthier food is extremely  expensive, & the food that is affordable can hurt you in the long run.

Health & illness go hand in hand, what's up with the 2 liter sodas' being cheaper than 16oz. sodas?  What's up with juice without  sugar being more expensive than a 2 liter soda?  You can get a good salad for $5. and up but who can afford that every day?  Most people can't afford to eat properly on a daily basis so they eat what they can afford.
If you are fortunately enough to be able to afford health insurance & you do go to the doctors', you are liable to come out with a bag of pills; one to make you do #1, one to make you do #2 , one to make you stop doing #1, one to make you stop doing #2, one to make you happy and one to make you sad to name a few.  So not only are you walking out the doctors office with a bill that you have to pay partial payment for but now you have a bag of pills that you have to pay for as well.
Health & illness go hand in hand because when you go into some neighborhoods, check out the type of stores, fried foods, snacks and cigarettes, sometimes even alcoholic beverages.  They will sell anything in your neighborhood to convenience  you or is it really convenience?  In the long run these things will make you sick! 
In my conclusion, health & illness go hand in hand because in my opinion if you don't stay on top of what you eat; watch what you are putting into your bodies, no substances, exercise or staying active & get plenty of rest because your body will tell you when it has had enough you are liable to end up with some type of illness!  What do you think?


  1. That was funny Terri. And you are so right. The pills you take to take care of your health issues have you taking more pills to offset the new health issues brought on by the pills you took in the first place. And sometimes you have to take yourself off some "maintenance" medication so that you can sustain a reasonable quality of life. And part of the problem is the food we consume and what the government allows the food industry to qualify as "fit for consumption". Used to be eating out was a treat, now it is a way of life for some. Now most people eat "out" because the dollar menu is cheaper and more filling than a peice of fruit not sprayed with pesticides and not a GMO. The cost of living in a "free" society isn't free when industry and big business is in the "lobby" of Capital Hill. We must educate ourselves and those around us. Even if people choose to eat poorly at the very least it's an educated choice.

  2. I aslo agree with you blog, I know that people are gonna put what they can afford to pay for in their bodies. A larger problem is many neighborhoods' markets have piss poor produce options. Some of those stores offer sales on can goods that will last a family on a budget a long time until they recieve more money. Some farmers are paid not to plant food or to use grownth hormones to increse product production. If America doesn't stop the foolishness we will raise a culture of pill and hormone dependent people. The choice of an ear of corn or a corndog shouldn't be based on how far the ''Good Market'' is and if you can afford to travel there. Honestly if I have to travel through several neighborhoods to get to my supermarket I would wonder what is so 'Super' about it.

  3. I agree with what you are saying about what you eat can affect your health. Some people don’t have a choice they eat what they can. The people that go to the doctor they don’t want to feel the illness so, they think that going to the doctor they will get some think that will take that illness away. That is why we keep going to the doctor when we get sick because we don’t want to feel the illness.