Monday, June 27, 2011

Poverty in the United States and Guatemala

Uliser Galdamez Corkery

Poverty is defined as being poor, lack of money and food. In the united state there are very few people or family that lives in extreme poverty, but live absolute poverty. The difference in absolute poverty are people that make a dollar a day, anything below that is consider extreme poverty. Here in the united stated families that have an income of $21,203 is consider in the line of poverty, but compared to other people in the world this is consider a family well off. In America, the poverty level is determined by the yearly income that a family of four haves to maintain a suitable standard of living.
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I was born in a country that poverty is well common all around. Guatemala is a country that people struggle day by day to make ends meet. In other words people work their butts off to make enough to eat. Some off this people and family eat one meal a day or shared their meal with their young ones, which means that they starved. This people are knowed as extreme poverty; absolute poverty in my country is a little different, many people that fine them self in this situation move to a country that haves more opportunities or where they can earn more money to live a suitable life.
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Poverty and starvation is all over the world and is becoming more common in places that does not have much support by the government. In Guatemala, education and employment is very poor and this is why children and adults are suffering from it. If Guatemala had the same laws that the United States have, half of the population in poverty can be reduced. Our current president Obama here in the USA has just open a law that all children should finished 12 grade or parents will get in trouble by the school district. I other country would have the laws this could help out poverty.

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  1. Katherine PeraltaJune 28, 2011 at 10:44 AM

    Guatemala is a good example of a third world country,...Honduras is too. I would say that indeed people in these countries suffer a great amount with starving and jobs. First of all, some people work a certain amount of hours but get paid a misery. It's a miracle if a child finishes school; the maximum grade they achieve is the sixth grade. So what do these children do after they can't finish school? They work, they work to maintain and halp family. Now at days, we don't have to leave the country to see the poverty that surrounds us. It's something that I don't think will ever get fixed. Nice Job on your blog post!