Monday, June 27, 2011

Being a concern citizen

Archiebald Robinson

We  have to be a concern citizen and when i say what do i mean by this.When you see something wrong, you got to speak out and let another know. Some people only feel that when there is a crime going on or fire in the house, that the only time they should help another. You can help people by tell them something they doin is not right, though America is a land of freedom of speech but when the speech get senseless or unthoughtful, you got to ask the person what they mean or maybe they could shut up and let everyone concentrate.

One of the mean reason i wrote this is that it have come to my attention though i am not suppose to forget my bag open  but sometimes just hurrying  up got me forgetting to close it, Kids fighting and . i have forgotten to close my book bag maybe a pocket and i walk to the train station and even almost home and later notice it. It got me think why dont people see that what i did is not descent and remind me to close it but nooooooooo everyone watch and just walk pass me and i believe some even laugh.But if i was a strange man with a strange weapon, within seconds police will be right behind me.

We need to be concern of everything around if we want to live with peacefully. When you see someone doing things abnormal,call them and ask them what is wrong or going on. Maybe there is frustration involved or maybe that person is lonely, with asking and consulting that person may stop him/her to not go far in heart attack or depression.When someone is talking out loud or disturbing others, you dont have to keep to yourself and say is their right. Yes it is but maybe that person need to see the doctor for their ear. When someone forget to to unzip their bag pocket, let him or her know and get that thank you as a concern citizen smile.

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