Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Extreme Learning Curve : Inequality in our School System

By: Alicia Arties

I chose education as my blog topic for a few reasons, I have my own selfish reasons, but I also have a genuine concern and interest in the future of our youth.
Selfish Reason #1- I have a daughter and I, like most parents want nothing but the best for my child.
Selfish Reason #2- When I see the direction that our youth is heading in, I wonder who will my "baby" bring home and eventually want to marry. ( I'm half-way joking)

Although, I can make a small joke about the future of our youth, there is definitely nothing funny about the injustice that is being forced upon minorities nationwide. I don't have all the facts or answers, for that matter, but from what I can see- there is a complete disservice to any student whose family has a low socioeconomic status.The school system is suppose to offer equal opportunities to each and every person. Call me crazy, but there is nothing equal about the level of education ( or lack there of ) that the different social classes receive.  Inner-city/public schools all over are failing our children. These schools are not receiving the proper funding necessary to compete or at least mimic private and suburban schools. Rural/ public schools have been steadily declining over the years, while private/suburban schools are flourishing.


Everything from the schools itself, the lunch being provided, to the curriculum being taught, is compromised and gives an unfair disadvantage to those who may be less fortunate. There are schools in impoverished neighborhoods that are completely run down, have little to no equipment to educate their students. Which in turn may result in low test scores, low self-esteem, and crushed dreams.

Then we have suburban/upper-class schools with all the amenities of a five (5) star hotel??????

I'm not saying take anything away from these schools that have access to the essentials resources, but I would like to know where is the "equality" in that?

I believe there should be a higher level of diversity in our schools: race, culture, religion, and social status should not be a factor.

The school board should throw out the idea of  "low expectancy" and adopt the idea of "high expectations."
There is a trickle-down effect, if we improve and establish a better educational system now, each generation to come will be that much more motivated and their futures will be all the more promising.

I hope they get it together soon, my daughter will start dating seriously in a few years :)


  1. I really like your blog. It's the only blog I've read so far that made me laugh. I agree with you on all counts. Inequality in schools is a major social issue. I went to Central High eight years ago. They probably get the most money from the government out of all the Philadelphia public high schools. They even have a very extensive and generous alumni association. Even with exceptional funding for an inner city public high school, the facilities were nothing compared to my youngest brother's suburban high school. Unless property taxes in Philadelphia are raised significantly I don't see how we can make our schools better.

  2. This blog speaks volumes about the unfairness in our school systems. We as people understand that children our the future so why can't school districts? The better education children receive the better off we all our as the human race. Why deprive a child of an equal opportunity because of their race or culture or the location in which they live in? Everyone wants better for themselves so everyone should be given the chance to.

  3. This topic reaches close to home for me too. I have a 3 year old son and I’m afraid to put him in Philadelphia's public schools. I just won't do it! The system is so screwed up its sad. In class Professor Jamie showed a video clip of how the schools are segregated due to class. I was trying so hard to fight back my tears. Its not fair! Everybody child should get the same opportunity to be successful, regardless where you live! It is so sad:(