Monday, June 27, 2011

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

By: Katherine Peralta
Gender, what is gender? It is the socially learned expectations and behaviors associated with members of each sex. So how does bad boys, bad boys connect with this? Well, in careers like law enforcement and criminal justice or movies like Mission Impossible and Live Free Die Hard, society expects men to be the main stars. Why don’t women play such a role, as a special agent? There are a few movies of women playing this role of a tough special agent like the Silence of the Lambs and Untraceable. “Why” is the question.

I never knew that in the work force women were paid differently than men. I was highly disappointed and I guess that if you’re a woman reading this, you are too. It’s something that has tried to be passed by congress that women get paid equally but it fails over and over again. Is this gender stereotyping or prejudice? Gender stereotyping is based on a person’s gender; stereotypes about women are most likely to be negative, rather than men stereotyping. The Human Capital Theory explains the gender differences. Why should women be treated unequally compared to men? According to the Dual Labor Market Theory, women gain less than men because they have low paying jobs and men work in different segments. Another thing that affects the pay is gender segregation. Women get placed in different sectors based on gender. Employers assume “She’s a women, she can’t do that; it’s a guys job!” Why should women get treated differently. YES, I do agree that some jobs can be difficult for women but as long as it’s able to be completed, I say “It’s just perfectly fine!”

This is a perfect example of the hard work women go through to join the FBI; they dedicte themselves to accomplish their goal and strive for what they want.
So now to my point, in careers like in the FBI, people picture a well built male agent but they don’t count in the female agents. Now at days, women are needed in the FBI. There are about 2,000 women in the FBI who serve as agents all over the country and in overseas offices. They play a major role, contributing to the FBI with their skills and experiences. Most of the women that join the FBI, apply because they had misperceptions they had about the FBI or thought that the headquarters only hired men as agents. Let me just say they were WRONG!

Personally, I love the fact of joining the FBI; I love everything about it. I’m looking forward to pursuing this career; I know that its hard work and that maybe just maybe I do get paid differently than men but let me and women, just hope this is over and we accomplish to get equal treatment like men. Women can make a big difference in the work force.                                                                                                                    

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