Thursday, June 2, 2011

What a world we live in.......

By: William Wilson 

 What is crime exactly?
 Crime is the breach of rules or laws for which some governing authority can ultimately prescribe a conviction. There are two different categories of crimes that include minor and major crimes. Minor crimes include some of the following:

  • speeding 
  • prostitution
  • being drunk in public
  • simple assault
  • fighting in public   

This video shows two men fighting in a welfare office 

On the other hand major crimes include horrific acts that include
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Shooting with intent to kill
  • Trafficking illegal narcotics
  • Child abuse
Although crimes can be separated by category, they are exactly the way that they sound. I think that maybe a minor crime could possibly be justified but overall they are wrong and immoral. I've never been a  victim of a crime but I find it hard to watch others suffer knowing all the while that I can't do anything about it. It's a shame that we live in the world that we live in today in which disaster can strike at any given moment. I'm not talking about natures occasional tornado's or tragic hurricanes either. I'm speaking on how we as people do their jobs for them.Why do people hunger and thirst for the suffering of others? Why do we tear each other down when we should be trying to build each other up? Every night I come home and turn on the news and see the same sad story. All the while I sit and think to myself is this really what we've been reduced too? It makes life seem non-existent and very depressing in my eyes. Although I know in my heart that this will continue to be an ongoing process like a dog chasing it's tail, could we at least make an attempt to try and see what life would be like if we did. I'm also aware that I'm only one man  but everyone's opinion counts and my voice will be heard!


  1. I agree with you because we are living in a world were there are way too many crimes going on. We as people first need to work on the minor crimes and then work on the major crimes. I feel like that would be a better way to work things out just for start. People just need to be there for one another and there would be less problems.

  2. Lamberto Owono AbengJune 2, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    Hi William Wilson, I like the way you break it down describing minor crime and major crime. I think minor crime is kind of acceptable to the society because we expect to see it whenever we go. to be exact minor crime is like deviance to me, and no matter how hard we try to eliminate it, we will not succeed, and nobody can go to prison to death because he was drunk in public. however, major crime is the one to fight to eliminate it , for some reason people who get sentenced to death are people who commit major crime.

  3. I agree with you. It is depressing when you see the news in TV. Everyday, there is always news about someone got rob, someone got murdered, someone has been assault, etc. At one point I feel terrified that I stop watching news. I believe what you said is true that it is immoral to commit a crime whether it is a minor or a major crime. However, have you ever notice that nowadays, a lot of TV channels have more and more TV shows about crime? For example, Criminal Minds, Crime Scene Investigation, Cold Case, Law & Order: Special Victim Units, and many more. Most people love to watch a TV show about crime without they realized it. Moreover, I believe those channels have high ratings that they create more of crime TV shows. I just hope that there will be no more crimes and everyone could just live in peace together.

  4. Darnetta O. MatthewsJune 3, 2011 at 9:52 AM

    As I sit and read this blog i can't but think about the crime thank occurred in my family. My husband was murdered in Ga. in 2003. It happened to by someone he called a "friend", when I learned of what happened I was very angry, hurt, and wanted this person prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. When I went to court and I saw this young man and how remorseful he was my attitude changed. Will I whole heartedly agree with things needing to change and it does begin with us all. I know from first hand experience that sometimes things just happen in the heat of the moment we must make better choices and find better ways to deal with adversity! Very good blog.

  5. Wake up people. We are never safe no matter where we go. No matter how much we "carry" ourselves to be good citizens, the reality is that THERE are no good citizens in society.

    We fabricate an existence where things are ideal and things like crime do not reach our space. But in reality, we are never safe. As long as laws are created to control people, people will always break them for if people people do not need to be control in the first place- there would not be not need to make laws.

    Crime is nothing special and does not make the experience unique. We all face suffering, so lets not think we are immune to anything of it.

  6. That was very good. I know what you mean, life is so short why waste it on violence or even doing the wrong things? It is so much positive things to do out there for yourself as well as for others! I ride public transportation every day it is just awful the mentality of some people. Why is every other person so angry? Why do we want to fight a total stranger? If you step on my toe by accident I must fight you? This society is getting worse and worse by the day,when I finally get home at the end of the day I have to thank GOD for bringing me home without a battle. My life is too valuable to fighting over petty things. I just wish everyone could say the same for theirs'!!!!! Great job William!

  7. Archiebald RobinsonJune 4, 2011 at 11:34 PM

    That is true and i agree with everyone because we see lot of crime being commited now and then. Around where i live Frankford, police patrol almost every second and sometimes helicopter in the air simply because of people getging shot for nonsence. Sometimes taking exercise and riding my bike, some guys ask me if i want or i selling something. We all need to be careful how we interact and move about especially in the night cuz some police assume a suspect to be looking just like you.

  8. I also agree with you. It really is a shame that everyday on the news something bad happened on you can also expect to hear something about crimes. Even though there is a high crime rate there are still positive things that happen in Philly. The news nowadays don't even report on the good things because all the crime probably gives them their ratings which is sad.

  9. Such a a great post , I like the way you distinguished crimes but no matter if its minor or major its still a crime. The part of your post that stood out to me was when you said "I find it hard to watch others suffer knowing all the while that I can't do anything about it", automatically in my head I thought of the bystander affect. Everyday someone witness a crime going on around them but because of "code of society" we tend to go on as if nothing is taking place or the assumption that someone else would take action. Just yesterday I was shopping and witnessed a minor crime, three women were shoplifting while and associate was helping me. Although I knew what they was doing was wrong and could be prosecuted I never once thought to mention it to the stores associates. Simply because I was "minding my business". In conclusion rather the crime is major or minor crime is something that unfortunately will always be apart of society.

  10. Sandra FelicianoJune 5, 2011 at 6:15 PM

    I found your post very interesting. Especially the video. It shows us how we as a society have become immune to violence. So much so that people were laughing and the fighters were making a joke of it. It also makes the people who are on welfare look bad and get cateogorized into the sterotype of lazy, ungrateful people when as the man on the video said, a lot of single mothers are on welfare and working hard to get off. And I completely agree with you on wathcing the news. I rarely watch the news because it makes me upset. And even though you may be one person, you will make an impact if every day you send out positivity to those around you. Maybe little by little we can all bring more happiness into the world.

  11. I was reading an article about the American Dream which is buying a home, family, and having a good job. But for many people the American Dream has become the American nightmare. People have lost their jobs and their homes. Since the downfall of the economy their has been a massive upsurge in crime in the U.S. People have found themselves desperate. Hard economic times usually lead to an increase in crime. In some economically troubled cities like Detroit crime statistics are climbing into the stratosphere. The article also said that their are communities in Detroit where the people can't even come out of their homes at night. They are just prisoners in their own home. I think if the economy doesn't get back on track crime is going to get worse. According to the article their are twelve million crimes committed in the United States every year. This is by far the worst in the world. No other nation has more than about six million reported crimes per year. So my question is what American Dream do we have to look forward to?

  12. Gabrielle CecalaJune 5, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    I c an relate to this 100%. I grew up in a neighborhood that is trouble ridden. You made very good points, especially when you stated that it was an on going cycle. Great job.

  13. I don't understand why people commit crimes. I think it's some need to see people hurt because they are not happy with their lives. I hope we can overcome the violence in our communites. When a crime happens to someone, people seem to keep it going by try to "pay back" the person who did something to them. I think that "pay back" stuff is so stupid because you are jus creating more crimes over top of another crime. We need to get it together and Stop all this crime.

  14. Daniel DickensonJune 5, 2011 at 11:50 PM

    I agree that crime has gotten out of control. Overall, the level of misdemeanors and felonies appears to be increased. This city, and this country, are in desperate need of change. Maybe less parents are teaching their children values and morals at home. If schools would teach morals and values in school that might combat the increase in crime.

  15. James Collins
    Mr. William Wilson, you have done a very impressive posting of your Blog on this timely subject “What a World we live in“. I found it direct and to the point. You showed good writing skills by putting the types of crimes in two categories that was very insightful, and it gave a deeper understanding of your thoughts on crime, and its effects on society. I personally have reached the conclusion, which points to my spiritual belief that there is no justification for any type of crime be it major are minor. All crimes harm the positive interactions of our society as a whole. We need to hear more concerning what may be done to bring about a change.

  16. Raimundo Rivera Jr.June 7, 2011 at 11:11 AM

    I agree too. The percieved level of violent crime has gone up, because violent crime is more visible, but we also have to remeber that it doesnt take up all types of crime, as violent crime is only a small percentage of crime in the U.S. The media has made things so visible that it can be twisted in any kind of way. I was myself the victim of an assualt last year, but that doesn't mean that now everyone is getting assualted all the time. Crime experiences growth and recession like everything else, and is tied in to social factors just as much as human behavior.

  17. Deborah CrawfordJune 7, 2011 at 10:12 PM

    I agre with you Mr.Wilson you were direct and to the point in making your case on crime you remeber that maybe every body might not have known what crime was nor the percieved categoires of so you in oped it up for them to understand all crimes be it a miinor or major it all should be stop

  18. William you posted a very good blog. You divided forms of crimes very well. Unfortunately crime is a part of every society around the world from long ago. Crime is crime and can never be justified. But in most parts of the world there are so powerful criminals that doesn't matter what kind of crimes they commit, they are never punished. In these kinds of societies the major crimes like rape, murder etc are not considered crimes and the victims accept this as something from God. They are so helpless that they can't open their mouth against them. I am from Pakistan and every day in news I watch a lots of crime but mostly I never saw that the criminals got punishment. Most powerful criminals have high posts in the government. So comparing to the other societies Us has a very good justice system. Any way every kind of crime is bad for people. We need to fight against it before it happen to any of us and if we don't participate in anti violence activities we are also criminals.

  19. Well, crime is crime; doesn't matter it is a minor crime or major crime.At the end you will hear he/she did crime. people do not say its a minor or major crime it just crime. we cannot change peoples attitude. every people think, do different ways. Society we live now it very dangerous our lives. Its too late to fix our nation back to earlier century. One of the main problem in US, the gov't give the permission for people can hold gun. its too late, only we can do watch what going to happen "NEXT"

  20. Marceline A Bien-AimeJune 13, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    I agree with this blog that crime unfortunatley is an on going thing. In NY 5 people were shot at the beach on a holiday known as Brooklyn/Queens day. Many people have this day off and since the weather a lot of families decided to go to the beach to enjoy the weather. It is sad to know that you can't even go to the BEACH with out worrying about your safety. At first you should be worried about whether you can swim or not but instead now the people in NY have to fear of people bringing GUNS and shooting up the boardwalk. People need to get a grip and realize what is going on and do better.